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A man in suite with a briefcase is bent and appearing tired beneath an empty battery symbol. Another man behind him chasing past him by running ahead beneath a full battery symbol.

How our body produces and stores energy? Why we are feeling more tired nowadays? How to regain energy when we are feeling low and down?

A. What is Energy?

Energy is our body’s ability to perform any work. Total energy at any given instance of time is the total amount of work(mental+physical) body+brain can do.

B. How Energy is Produced?

The liver is our energy production house. When you eat food, hydrocarbon bonds are extracted and stored as Fat(like you use the refrigerator to store vegetables for later cooking).
Urgent energy is supplied by converting fat into Glucose or converting Carb to glucose.

C. What is Brain-Body Energy Distribution?

1. Brain has only 3% body mass but consumes up to 30% energy for you in mental jobs.
2. So if you eat 4 chapatis, 1 goes to the brain and 3 to the body.
3. For females, 0.5 to the brain, 1.5 to the ovarian system for producing hormones, and about 2 chapatis to the body.
4. Hence men have both higher mental and physical energy, whereas females have higher social energy.
5. If a man has to have equal social energy, his body or brain will work less, and similarly if a woman has to have equal brain efficiency as a man, then her reproduction will suffer.

D. The Reasons for Tiredness

1) Amount of Energy Needed(by brain or body)< Energy Produced and allocated to (brain and body)

2) Amount of energy produced and allocated to brain/body< Less than utilized

3) Because the brain and body coordinate, when one is tired, the other is tired too.

E. Pathology of Tiredness

a) Fatty Liver(too much eating, and too little utilization->Refrigerator full)
b) Lack of Sleep(no rest to brain and body)

F. Why do you feel tired?

a) Eating more than necessary. (Mouth, brain, and stomach doesn’t stop today)
b) Using the brain less for constructive work like reading, writing, thinking, and learning.
c) Using the brain more for overthinking, worrying, planning, scheming, (what to say to mother when she calls)
d) Our Body works less. So the brain takes more energy from the body and overthinks more.

G. Stupidity of Lifestyle Advice

The body becomes tired after at least 10 years of energy mismanagement. If you do something for 10 years, that is already a habit. Habits don’t change before 3 years(21 days is money-squeezing advice). So, diet, exercise nothing works(they do at the beginning due to hope), but again you are back to zero.

H. Start with this Simplest Thing Daily

When you feel tired, just stand up, go out, and look up at the sky for 30 seconds. Thats it.
Do it as many times as you want to(not after food).

I. Science of Looking Up

Standing straight increases your heart rate and Thyroxine T3 regulation. This increases the sudden energy needed by the body. The process of Looking up tilts our head backwards. This relaxes the muscles of the back of the neck. This produces a hormone called Relaxin, which is a carbometabolyte that shoots dopamine, and dopamine then enables increased energy to the body.

Feeling tired? Stand up and Look Up. Do this every time and then share if you feel any changes.

I. Conclusion

There is no magic in life and everything is about small incremental growth. No medicine, intervention, or advice can solve your problems.
Start with one step at a time. Give yourself a year. (Okay in one year, I will be less tired than today).
When you bring the smallest change, and continue, you build habits. There are chances that you will stop seeing any benefit after 30 days because your body is already operating at a higher energy by then. And you will again stop.

This is primarily because 80% of the population always looks for shortcuts and the brain doesn’t work in two different ways.

Overthinking-> Shortcut to Critical Thinking.
Glancing-> Shortcut to reading.
Texting-> Shortcut to well-drafted emails.
Sudden calls-> Shortcut to not having to plan a conversation.
Ordered food-> Shortcut to cook.
Blaming->Shortcut to taking accountability.
Complaining->Shortcut to doing.
Degree->Shortcut to experience.
Money->Shortcut to wealth.

People are using so many shortcuts every second, that they are not even aware. So therapeutics don’t work, because the brain doesn’t want to wait for 3 years.

You make this change, and for life, and be energetic. One change, for life. Then the next, and the next.

Passionate, Accountable Student for Life

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