Lyfas Life Care The Lyfas Story

The Lyfas Story

Frustrated With Traditional Dysfunctional Healthcare?

Existing Healthcare is a waste of time money and resources cant be scaled

We Know Why You Failed To Switch To Alternative Convenient Remote Healthcare

Challenges in digital health

Without Physical Examination, Doctors Can’t Diagnose, And Without Diagnosis, Doctors Can’t Treat

Achieve your business objectives with tailored solutions using modern technology and artificial intelligence.

  • No Way For The Doctor To Examine Your Physiology
  • Limited Time To Ask You Relevant Questions For History Taking
  • No Medical History Analysis

Remotely Doctors Can't Diagnose You Without Touching Occultation and Palpation

  • Poor Diagnosis
  • No Emotional Connect For You To Build The Trust
  • No Thorough Explanation of Your Health Condition
  • Too Much Medicines(Average 3.16 Pills per Prescription whereas WHO recommends 1.8)
  • Zero Accountability, ie No One Cares If You Recover After Consultancy

Why Doctors Can’t Do Remote Diagnosis in Online Consultancy and Digital Health?

Proper Diagnosis Requires Physiology(Current Snapshot of the Body). All Physiology Needs the Physian to Touch You. Which is Not Possible Remotely.

ECG is Electrophysiology

ECG Captures the Current Snapshot of Electrical Signals in the Body. It Helps in Measuring the State of Heart at the Present Instance.

ECG or Electrophysiology Measures the Change in the Electrical Signals of Heart At this Moment

Physical Examination

Palpation, or Touching the Body of the patient With Finger or Hand is Another Important Aspect of Diagnosis. This Provides the Clinician an Understanding of Peristolesis, and other internal systems.

Physical Examination

Stethoscope Based Check Auscultation

Just As ECG Helps a Doctor to Look At the Electrical Signal of The Heart, Stethoscope Allows A Doctor to Listen to the Sound of Heart, Lungs, Stomach, and Know if there is Anything Wrong with Any organs.

Stethoscope is Auscultation is a Physiology

Learn to Do A Physiology Health Test in 2 Minutes. Grab Your Pulse Oximeter

Let’s Learn Physiology and Lyfas Science in 2 Minutes

You Can Measure Your Stress Instantly With A Pulse Oximeter.

  • Any change in your posture, thoughts, feelings, food, work, drink, activity needs body to react or respond in certain ways.
  • Heart has to respond immediately to such a change. A snapshot of this change in heart’s response is called Heart Rate Variability.
  • Lyfas Measures Heart Rate Variability, and Mines the Patterns Linked to HRV.

Simple Physiology Stress Test from Pulse Oximeter

  • Sit Quietly in a Place. Put Pulse Oximeter
  • Note Down Your Pulse Reading
  • Now Close Your Eyes And Think About a Very Sad Moment In Your Life For 10 Seconds.
  • Open Your Eyes and Look At the Pulse Reading
  • Did You See a Sharp Change in Your Reading? That is Your Physiology

Convinced? But Proper Diagnosis Needs Much More than Just Physiology

Why You Are Unable To Transform Your Healthcare To Digital Healthcare?

Current Online Consultancy is Like Replacing the Horse With a Car Engine To Upgrade a Horse Cart to a Modern Car.

Can You Imagine Banks Offering a Customer to bank Manager Communication App, without a Core banking in Place? Could That Archive Today’s Digital banking Transformation?

Current Healthcare is like a Horse cart, Slow, High Maintenance, Not Scalable
Current Digital Health is Trying to Fit a Car Engine in a Horse Cart

So We Created A “Portable Green Modern Car” , The Most Portable, Scalable, Reliable, Accurate Diagnostics, That You Can Use Anywhere, Anytime.

Lyfas is Inspired By Galileo, Ideates like Einstine, Invent Like Tesla, Innovate Like Elon Musk.

Lyfas 4 Principles of Modern Healthcare Inspiration, Ideation, Invention, Innovation

Healthcare is Not Joke. Healthcare is A Serious Business. There is Nothing Called Wellness, Monitoring. Either a Patient Recovers and Heals, or The Patient Doesn’t. Lyfas Therefore Was Created, Curated, Validated, and Perfected Over the Last 14 Years.  

One Health For All. One Scalable, Reliable, Sustainable, Available, Accessible, Affordable Instant Pocket Healthcare, Anywhere, Anytime, When You Need.

The Healthcare Transformation Story, From Dysfunctional Horse Cart, to Modern Green Car.

Healthcare Startups are Busy Making Wearable Devices, Monitoring, Home Health, Smartphone Diagnosis, Wellness, Holistic Health, Recommendations, Screening Devices, and different parts of the car.


Lyfas Created All The Parts of The “Car”, Made The Car, And Tested The Car. The True Instant Pocket Healthcare, Anytime, Anywhere. Lyfas Core Is The Car Parts, Lyfas Care is The Car, And Lyfas Serve is The Transport System. Lyfas One is the One Healthcare For All.

Rupam Das Profile Photo Picture Creator Inventor Innovator of Lyfas

Rupam Das

Creator, Inventor, Innovator of Lyfas

Different Lyfas Prototypes

Lyfas Mobile Application

Started With A Paper Idea in 2008, Lyfas Core Has Evolved From a Healthdevice to Lyfas One, The Complete Pocket Healthcare, Anywhere, Anytime, Without Any Additional Hardware.

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Rupam Das Invented, and Created Lyfas, Working Towards “Healthcare For All” Since 2008.