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Is Your Family a Toxic Narcissistic or Psychopathic Family? Test Free Online Family Toxicity Self-Assessment Quiz Based Test to Evaluate Effect of Family Toxicity on Your Health

A. Toxic Narcissistic/Psychopathic Family

Family is the safest place in the world, a place that provides us with the opportunity to survive and grow in life, to go out and hunt for food, and to come back and get healed. A family contains grandparents, parents, siblings, children, partners, and maybe other relationships like cousins.

A family is the first-degree relationship we have. A family provides us with a base to return to and is our first-degree socialization place.

However, when the practices in the family, the behaviors of the family members are such that it keeps us on the edge, makes us feel walking on a shell, takes immense effort to communicate and converse, give a sense of negative emotions, such a family is called a toxic family.

The environment acts on our genes.

As the family is our primary environment, a toxic family creates a toxic environment that not only threatens to impair growth, but also at the same time presents severe risks to our mental, emotional, and overall well-being.

B. Why Family Toxicity Test?

Staying in such a family makes us go down a spiral in our personal life, professional life, social life, and physical health. It is therefore super important to identify if your family has such toxicity. If your family’s toxicity score is in the alert zone, then you must leave the family and go in contact with the family. Failing to do so would eventually destroy your mental, emotional, and psychological well-being.

A family toxicity test is an important tool to check if your family’s toxicity is affecting your overall well-being or not. Toxic families also make you feel responsible for anything that goes wrong within the family and have a tendency to guilt or shame-trip its members, and criminalize them, which eventually leads to several neurotic and psychological distress, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, aggression, and so on.

C. Theory Behind the Test

This test was created based on the video of Prof. Dr. Sam Vaknin, a professor of psychology, and author of the book “Malignant Self-Love, Narcissism Revisited.”


Prof. Vaknin coined the word “Narcissism” back in the 1990s and has been actively educating students and the general public alike on the subjects of psychology, general well-being, relationships, sexuality, narcissism, and various other topics.

D. Diagnosis

Please note that ICD-10, ICD-11, DSM-IV, and DSM-V don’t recognize any “Family Toxicity”-specific disorder. Therefore, no clinical conditions can be diagnosed using this test.

However, we highly recommend that general physicians and endocrinologists recommend this test to their patients due to the high influence of toxic families in autonomic neuropathy, neuroticism, endovascular, genetic disorders, and so on.

E. Prescribing Medicines

No medicine can be prescribed solely based on the results of this test without a physical examination and implementation of other standard clinical protocols, such as clinically correlating the test results.

F. Disclaimer

This test is provided as-is. Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd. and Lyfas take no responsibility for the harm arising from taking the test, including Hypochondriasis, mental trauma, and others. The results of this test can not be used as evidence in a court of law. No institutional, legal, or disciplinary actions can be initiated based on the test results. Furthermore, we take no responsibility for the validity and accuracy of the test. This is an anonymous test, and we do not capture your sensitive data that reveals your identity, including your name, GPS, mobile number, etc. However, we log your IP address and the final test result(not individual answers).

Please note that no financial reward can be demanded from any patient if this test is prescribed or advised by a clinician. However, the clinician is free to charge for his/her services regarding the interpretation, advice, and therapeutics of the test.

By taking the test, you agree to not hold Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore and Lyfas are not responsible and liable for any damage or harm.

1.My family has a black and white judgemental tendency? (People are either good or bad), (I am good, they are bad), (that action is right, this action is wrong)?
2.My family has a weak social interface(external people come and use family’s resources, or poke nose in family affairs)
3.My family is like a prison, a dark constricted box. Door and windows are often remained close. They prohibit us from interacting with the outside world. No one from outside is welcomed in our family.
4.My family is cultist. It has rituals, practices, and forces all the members to follow them strictly. (the cult is an ideology that is based on religious fanaticism, or any other belief system)
5.My family is like a board room. Any member is found to have done anything against the will, practices, rules, expectations of the family, all the members sit around one member and try to hound that member down.
6.Outsiders never talk about our family members distinctly, rather mention all of us as a single group or family, and while referring us as a family, they often use negative words(that family is horrible, that family is immoral etc).
7.One or more members in my family(particularly parents), do not express their expectations and needs accurately and leave on the others to predict what is in their mind. Failing to read mind leads to punishments.
8.My family has weak boundaries. Anyone can call anyone anytime. Anyone can enter into anyone’s room. People check other’s belongings like phone, diary, wallet. People overhear others talk, and stretch their necks to see what others are doing. Anyone interfere in anyone’s life.
9.My family either lives in the past, or lives in the fantasy of the future(we are always either ruminating, or fantasizing), conveniently avoiding the present.
10.My family is more concerned about people’s perception, and how people perceive us. (My family’s focus is that we must be seen good by the world, and not on being good and living good).
11.There are role reversals in my family. Many times parents behave like children, and expect the children to take on the role of the adults. (parentifying the parents)
12.My family process negatives way more than positives, and finds something negative even in the best positive situations(like an achievement). My family prioritizes the negative energies fear, criticism, anger, being a looser ect. Positivity never lasts or any positivity becomes suspecious.
13.My family padastialize the kids, pampers them, hold the children as prince and princesses, make them feel being privillaged.
14.My family runs on narrative. Any situation in life, and the family creates a narrative, the narrative being far from the facts and the truths, and filled with predictions, assumptions, imagination and opinions.
15.My family has no intimacy(emotional, physical). There is no energy exchange, no unconditional love.
16.My family has uncomfortable paraphilic relationships within it(like incest, and other forms of paraphilia).
17.I (and probably other members of the family) have felt to run away from the family many times, to never return back.
18.What is the dominating gender in your family?(if there are two males and two females, equal genders, more males than females: masculine, if more females than males: feminine)
19.What is the average age of your family?(Add ages of all the members, and divide it by the total members)
20.What is your resting heart rate range(yours, not your family’s)

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