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Have Your Children Gone Far Away from You? How Much You Miss Your Children? Does your home feel like an Empty-Nest? Find Your Empty-Nest Syndrome(ENS) and Its Psychopathological Effects with Lyfas ENS Scale(Under Clinical Evaluation)

Empty Nest Syndrome

Once your home was full of joy, movements, and stories. Your children stayed with you. Your life had a purpose. They were part of your everyday life. Now your child or children no longer stay with you. The home feels empty, the life feels empty. The Psychological state due to this emptiness is called emptynest syndrome.

About This Scale

Lyfas ENS is an in-house scale developed to measure Empty-Nest-Syndrome amongst parents whose child(or children) have gone away from home, due to studies, jobs, or after marriage. There are many past studies on Empty-nest, however, we did not find the studies relevant to the Indian parents. This scale is developed based on the questionnaire developed during various Lyfas consultancies, and from the stories of our patients.

This scale has a strong internal consistency CrunchBase alpha of 0.9, test-retest reliability of 0.88, average cross-correlation with other scales DASS depression, DASS Anxiety, Ruminicense Scale, and Quality of life scale of .82. Therefore this scale is a reliable clinical instrument.

Clinical Use

ENS is a leading cause of several progressive chronic diseases. Unless we understand, factorize, quantify the effect of ENS, we can not develop the right clinical interventions. ENS scale here can be used for root-cause detection, screening, monitoring, and risk-prediction of the current and future mental and cardiometabolic health conditions. The results can be used by the mental health counselors to extend better support to various user groups like Perimenopausal women, separated couples, and Geriatric care.

Who Should Take The Test?

  1. Perimenopausal women
  2. Parents whose children do not stay with him/her anymore.
  3. Separated or divorced parents with children.
  4. Senior citizens
  5. You may get your patients or parents to take this test to understand their mental condition better.
  6. Individuals who are suffering a grief and sense of loss when they are not able to see their children


This instrument is still under validation and the results are not yet published. Care must be taken to interpret the results. Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, and Lyfas take no responsibility for the harm arising from taking this test, including but not limited to mental trauma, and hypochondriasis. No medicine can be prescribed based on the results of this test. This test is provided for self-assessment, clinical screening, monitoring, and health surveillance purpose only. This is an anonymous test. We collect no personal information from the test takers. However, your results and IP address is logged for our internal studies. We do not share your data with any third party. By taking this test, you agree to not hold Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, its associates, and Lyfas responsible for any damage.

Take Lyfas ENS Empty Nest Syndrome Self-Assessment Mental Health Test

1.What is Your Age?
2.You are a?
3.How Long Have You Been Married?
4.How Many Children You Have?
5.Are you feeling lonely because member of the family whom you loved are no more staying with you?
6.What you think is the prime reason of your Empty Nest?
7.How often you get to talk to your children who are away?
8.How many days you miss your children and wish they were with you?
9.How often you ruminate about the past when you would see your children at home?
10.How often you get emotional during/after a call with your children who are away now?
11.Do you and your partner live together?
12.In the past did you ever planned, imagined or think about a day when you will be away from your children?
13.Are you able to discuss your emotional turmoil due to children going away with your Partner?
14.When you come home from outside, do you see visuals of your children playing, or visuals from the past?
15.How often you take out and see the photos of your kids from the past?
16.Do you think that you couldn’t spend enough time with your children in the past because you had to remain busy to arrange money for their upbringing?
17.Do you get worried about the wellbeing of your children, now that they are away and you can’t take care?
18.Do you feel or wish that your children should have you with them?
19.Do you feel that you sacrificed your youth and golden year for the children, and they did not respect your emotion when you need them?
20.Do you feel your children betrayed you and left you alone, without understanding your pain?
21.Do you often argue and fight with your partner in frustration, now that your children are not staying with you?
22.Do you pick up arguments with your children over the call?
23.Do you feel your children are closer to your partner, and emotionally more inclined to mutually share feelings, then with you?
24.Do you hate this loneliness?
25.Do you cry in silence for your loneliness?
26.Do you worry that your financial earnings/reserve is not enough for living a good quality life and that you are dependent on financial assistance by your children?
27.Do you think you made a mistake by sacrificing your golden life for your children, after seeing that they left you alone?
28.How often your children visit your home?
29.How Far From your home do your children stay?
30.Do you have any of the following chronic health conditions?(If you have multiple, select the one that troubles you the most)
31.How often you have to visit a doctor or hospital?
32.How much you can walk at a stretch?
33.Is your partner empathetic about your emotions?
34.Do you at times think that after something bad happens, and your children face problem, they will again come back to you?
35.When you get to know about some challenges your children face, do you get satisfaction that “see they are away and now understanding the value and wisdom of parents””?
36.Do you have your friend circle?
37.Do you feel it is no more worth to work hard and to chase a career/goal or money?
38.Given an opportunity, would you want to reverse the past years, to spend less time looking after family and giving more time to yourself?
39.Do you pursue some hobbies?
40.How many new people you meet everyday(due to profession, or just randomly)
41.How much time you spend with children when they visit you?
42.Have you ever gone and stay with your children?
43.What you think is a better experience?

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