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Do you get bored often? Check your boredom proneness with Validated Online Mental Health Self Screening and Assessment test With CardioMetabolicAutonomicStess Risk

Check your proneness to boredom with BPS scale with Lyfas Cams risk

What is Boredom?

Boredom represents a negative experience commonly arising in situations deemed deficient in meaning, interest, and challenge and is thought to motivate us to remediate these deficiencies by modifying behaviors or situations.

Boredom can also be defined as a state of body and mind where we find no energy and interest to do what we are doing. When bored, the brain can not concentrate, and we feel sleepy due to low energy. Prolonged boredom results in depression. Sustained boredom is a sustained low energy and interest state. Because this particular mental state is essentially a negative energy state, if we get bored often, then we may get into a chain of negative thoughts, which would cause sadness. Boredom is the principal reason behind a “sad, boring life” that many complain.


Why do we get bored?

There are two particular reasons for getting bored easily:-

i) External factors.

ii) Internal Factors.

i) External Factors

  • Working into something which we are not passionate about.
  • Being surrounded by other boring and depressed people.
  • Working on something for a very long period without desired results, and therefore losing interest in what we are doing.
  • Stress in the relationship, and therefore feeling lonely.

There may be many other such reasons. External boredom means feeling bored due to external objects such as people, professions, environment, geopolitical scenarios, economics, etc.

ii) Internal Factors

Internal factor is one’s psychology about the self and about the world. If one has low self-esteem, one will find very few things to get excited about as one is not excited about himself/herself. In such cases, one would constantly need external stimuli to feel excited. Because of the inherent disliking about the self, one would get bored quickly by anything and will not be able to stick to that for long enough to rip the benefit.

Why Boredom Test?

This test helps you to become aware of the following aspects of your life:-

  1. Your ability to set and pursue long-term goals.
  2. Your inherent mental health(as mental health is directly correlated to the ability to do repetitive tasks for long enough without getting bored)
  3. Your risk of current or future depression.
  4. Your risk of attracting negative and depressed people in your life.
  5. Your ability to take the stress and pressure necessary to get the results you are looking for.
  6. Boredom can also measure fatigue and slow metabolism, which can lead to acidity and other metabolic disorders.
  7. Boredom may lead to worry. The sustained worry with underneath boredom may lead to liver abnormalities.
  8. Irritation and frustration arising from boredom may turn one extremely negative, and risks of aggression and anxiety increase.

Therefore this test can be a good measure of your overall mental and metabolic well-being.

Benefits for the Clinicians

Boredom is not a clinical condition but rather underneath causation for several mental health disorders. In ICD-10, “feeling of emptiness” is listed with code F60.3. The feeling of emptiness and boredom are cross-correlated, and this test can measure F60.3. However, please note that the Boredom test can not be used to diagnose an Unstable Emotional Personality due to feelings of Emptiness(F60.3) With this test.

  1. Interventional cardiologists can advise patients with high calcium index to find out the root cause, and based on the boredom score; they may adjust the lifestyle suggestion.
  2. Interventional cardiologists may also suggest this test to patients with high anxiety to assess the root cause of anxiety.
  3. (Boredom is underneath comorbidity in heart failure). Cardiologists treating heart failure patients may ask their patients to take monthly tests to index the improvement of their metabolic rate to reduce the heart failure risk.
  4. PCOS and PCOD are directly correlated to Boredom. Gynecologists are suggested to offer this free online self-assessment to their patients to evaluate slow metabolism.
  5. All above may work in a team with a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist to help the patients to improve their enthusiasm for life.

Benefits for the Individual

Self-improvement starts with a better understanding of the self. Anything that you can not measure, you can not improve. The world starts with us; whatever we achieve or get out of our lives depends on us. We often end up blaming others for our misery. If we have an internal trait of getting bored, then life will always pull us back to where we stand now. Everyone makes their own choices in life. You can’t influence others’ choices, but you can certainly fix your choices. As we improve, we attract better people, so our life improves automatically.

About BPS Scale

This scale was developed by Farmer and Sundberg1Farmer R, Sundberg ND. Boredom proneness–the development and correlates of a new scale. J Pers Assess. 1986 Spring;50(1):4-17. doi: 10.1207/s15327752jpa5001_2. PMID: 3723312..

(Metabolic Risk and Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy Risk will be added to the scale shortly).

What is the objective of taking a self-screening mental health test online?

We know about cars and stars more than we know ourselves. From childhood, people mostly ask us, "what do you want to become," or "what do you do?" but rarely anyone has ever wanted to know who we are. We know very little about ourselves, which is why when we struggle with life and relationships, we do not get the results we expect even after hard work; when people cheat us or betray us, we blame others or our destiny.

  • We must always continue to know ourselves.
  • The more we know about ourselves, the better we will be able to interact with the world.
  • Without knowing our limitations in both qualitative as well as quantitative ways, we can not improve.
  • If we do not improve and grow in life, we will always shrink and become ill.
  • It is often uncomfortable to discuss our real thoughts, feelings, and insecurities, even with psychologists; we are often unaware of our actual thinking.
  • Because our thoughts, feelings, and situations in life change all the time, if you take this test ten times, every time, you may get different results.
  • Therefore a self-assessment and screening test is a great way to know yourself and know if there are any problems at the early stage so that you can use the Lyfas recommendation therapeutics to start improving.
  • If you keep thinking about a problem and illness, you will always remain ill; however, if you start knowing yourself, you will start growing; once you grow in life, make Lyfas part of your growth journey.

What is Lyfas?

Lyfas Core

Lyfas Core Acculi Logo Digital Healthcare Technology Backend
Lyfas Core Digital Healthcare Technology Backend

is a scalable, affordable, round-the-clock available, accurate, and extensively clinically validated technology suite for screening, diagnosis, home diagnosis, monitoring, differential diagnosis, root cause diagnosis, prognosis, and predictive analysis of your complete mind-body health. This test is a module of the Lyfas core mental health online test suites.

Lyfas Care 

Integrated Holistic Functional Evidence Based Therapeutics Lyfas Care Icon for Minimum Medicine Maximum Outcome
Integrated Holistic Functional Evidence-Based Therapeutics Lyfas Care

Lyfas care is an affordable home therapeutic solution suite. Conventional healthcare treats your condition and helps you to manage your disease. However, not everyone can afford costly healthcare. Besides, not everyone wants to consume medicines all the time for chronic diseases. Lyfas care combines the best of Modern Greek Medicine, German New Medicine, Ayurveda, German Home Therapeutics, and Indian home therapeutics to provide personalized therapeutics that you can easily follow at your home without any side effects or additional costs. Lyfas care helps you heal from the trauma and start growing in life rather than staying worried about your illness.

Lyfas care is delivered through our extraordinary human network. Because if we are not with other humans when they are struggling in life, then what are we even doing in this world?

What is the difference between Lyfas Online Mental Health Test Instruments and Other Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric tests only help you to qualify and quantify certain mental health conditions.

Lyfas Core Free Online Mental Health Screening and Self-Assessment tests help with the following additional benefits that no other mental health test tools offer you:-

  • Explanation of the conditions.
  • Predictive analysis based on the scales(how the current condition may progress in the future)
  • Correlation to Physiological and Pathological Health.
  • Detection of metabolic syndrome associated with the current mental health condition.
  • Detection of Autonomic neuropathy.
  • Recommendations about other health tests and associated comorbid conditions.
  • Simple, easy, proven, side-effectless free home therapeutics.
  • Clinical suggestions about which clinicians you should consider visiting.
  • Risk assessment; so that you remain careful about the immediate acute health risks.
  • Cardiovascular risks associated with your current mental health condition.

Relevance of the test for the test-takers and Individuals

  • Knowing thyself better for self-healing.
  • Become aware of toxic relationships and take appropriate steps.
  • Become aware of codependency and the possibility of being taken advantage of by others.
  • Become aware of the possible continuous failure in the profession.
  • Become aware of attracting more toxic people in life.
  • Become aware of the current and future health risks.

After you are more self-aware and self-conscious, you can take proper decisions about improvement, either through a hybrid approach of your own clinical team in the correlation of Lyfas care, or you may choose to solve the problem as per your judgment.

Data and Privacy

Please refer to our privacy policy We do not share, trade, or sell your data with any other parties. We do not use your data for any promotional or advertising campaign for you or anyone else. You can take the test as an anonymous guest user. However, we highly recommend you create an account with us that helps you track your test results, link other tests, get personalized recommendations, and get notified whenever we post relevant knowledgebases.


You do not have to buy anything when you take Lyfas mental health online self-assessment tests. The tests are free and always will be. However, as a clinical trial, design, validation, coding, and testing is a massive scientific, clinical and technological effort, we would highly appreciate a donation from you towards our research and development so that we can continue to help you to take control back of your life.


This test is provided as-is. Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd. and Lyfas take no responsibility for the harm arising from taking the test, including Hypochondriasis, thanatophobia, mental trauma, and others. The results of this test can not be used as evidence in a court of law. No institutional, legal, or disciplinary actions can be initiated based on the test results. Furthermore, we take no responsibility for the validity and accuracy of the test. This is adapted from the original Test as cited in the test. This is an anonymous test, and we do not capture your sensitive data that reveals your identity, including your name, GPS, mobile number, etc. However, we log your IP address and the final test result(not individual answers).


Health conditions change all the time depending upon various aspects of life; therefore, time tests are not true reflections of any health condition. To solve this challenge, we have introduced membership tests. Once you join the site, all your tests will be linked with your user ID. Please note that Lyfas do not share your data with any parties; all the data is encrypted with industry-standard encryption. You can anytime get all your data deleted by generating a delete-data request. Membership enables you to track the changes in the parameters in subsequent tests and helps you to take proper measurements based on the areas that need improvement.


Take Validated Online Free Screening Self-Assessment Boredom Proneness Questionnaire Instrument-Based Test with Combined BPS scale and Lyfas Cardiovascular Metabolic Autonomic Stress(CAMS) Risk NOW👇🏻

1.It is easy for me to concentrate on my activities.
2.Frequently, when I am working, I find myself worrying about other things.
3.Time always seems to be passing slowly.
4.I often find myself at “loose ends,” not knowing what to do.
5.I am often trapped in situations where I have to do meaningless things.
6.Having to look at someone’s home movies or travel slides bores me tremendously.
7.I have projects in mind all the time, things to do.
8.I find it easy to entertain myself.
9.Many things I have to do are repetitive and monotonous.
10.It takes more stimulation to get me going than most people.
11.I get a kick out of most things I do.
12.I am seldom excited about my work.
13.In any situation, I can usually find something to do or see to keep me interested.
14.Much of the time, I just sit around doing nothing.
15.I am good at waiting patiently.
16.I often find myself with nothing to do—time on my hands.
17.In situations, where I have to wait, such as a line or queue, I get very restless.
18.I often wake up with a new idea.
19.It would be very hard for me to find a job that is exciting enough.
20.I would like more challenging things to do in life.
21.I feel that I am working below my abilities most of the time
22.Many people would say that I am a creative or imaginative person.
23.I have so many interests, I don’t have time to do everything.
24.Among my friends, I am the one who keeps doing something the longest.
25.Unless I am doing something exciting, even dangerous, I feel half-dead and dull.
26.It takes a lot of change and variety to keep me really happy.
27.It seems that the same things are on television or the movies all the time; it’s getting old.
28.When I was young, I was often in monotonous and tiresome situations.


  • 1
    Farmer R, Sundberg ND. Boredom proneness–the development and correlates of a new scale. J Pers Assess. 1986 Spring;50(1):4-17. doi: 10.1207/s15327752jpa5001_2. PMID: 3723312.

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