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Am I Greedy? Test Your Greed With Scientifically Validated Greed Self-Assessment Mental Health Test Questionnaire Instrument Heintzelman Greed Scale© (HGS©)

Greed induced Metabolic Disorder


Greed is a desire to not be satisfied with what we have and desire to have more. This is a basic human desire. We want to do more, get more, achieve more, reach better heights, and leave more for our children and family. Greed drives us because, without it, we will get content with what we have and may not grow in life. However, consistent dissatisfaction with what we have led to an unfulfilled life, and negative psychology. It has been proven that such greed results in an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression.

Most people readily recognize instances of greed. For example, greedy people are always first in line for food and drinks at a party, repeatedly complain about their salaries (even after getting a pay-raise), and continuously buy more stuff they do not need. Common to such observations is that greedy people seem to be dissatisfied with their current state of affairs and that for them enough never seems to be enough. On the other hand, in our everyday lives, we also encounter many people who seem anything but greedy. Such people are satisfied with what they have and who they are. They know when to be happy and to stop striving for more.

Greed is more of a root cause for some of the recognized mental health conditions, rather than a mental health condition itself. However, some recent works in the field of Psychology use the Greed scale to identify a “Greed Personality“. It is hard to accept that we are greedy, because, those of us who are greedy, actually believe that it is for a greater good and that our pursuits are fair.

Furthermore, envy and greed go hand in hand. That is alongside desiring more, we tend to despise and hate people who have more than us.

About the Scale

Greed Scale© (HGS©) helps you assess your greed in three prime factors:-

  1. Retention motivation: Increased levels of loss aversion, where individuals want to keep what they have.
  2. Desire for more
  3. The insatiable pursuit for more.

The current test is an adaptation of the HGS scale. However, the actual test questions are embedded into compound statements and the questions are randomized in order to break any patterns associated with the test-taking. Biological, pathological, and Neurobiological factors are added based on Lyfas AI&ML data collaboration and mining results and have is purely Lyfas innovation and addition.

Test results are also developed based on our internal test-retest, and internal consistency tests.

About the Reliability of the Test

HGS model  indicated strong reliability (α = .943) and strong internal consistency across factors (Factor 1 [19.27% variance]: a = .949; Factor 2 [18.58% variance]: a =.935; Factor 3 [21.25% variance]: a = .963).

What if I have a High Greed Scale?

If you see some of the biological symptoms along with a high greed scale, then you must work on your greed aspects. One of the ways to control your greed is to redirect your energy from the external locus of control to a more internal locus of control. From objects to emotions, and from validation to awareness, you have to transform your energy. In case, you realize that you are struggling with your greed and want to take control of your greed, and life, please take Lyfas Service:-

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[1] Lambie, Glenn W., and Jaimie Stickl Haugen. “Heintzelman Greed Scale©(HGS©) Theoretical Framework and Item Development.”

[2] Krekels, Goedele, and Mario Pandelaere. “Dispositional greed.” Personality and Individual Differences 74 (2015): 225-230.



This test is not meant to diagnose any clinical condition. This test is provided as-is for self-assessment, understanding, and mental wellbeing. Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, and Lyfas take no responsibility for the harm arising from taking the test, including but not limited to hypochondriasis, trauma, any pathological developments or events, and any mental health conditions. By taking the test you agree to not hold Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore and Lyfas not responsible for any harm or damage.

Take Greed Self-Assessment Scientifically Validated Online Mental Health Greed Test

1.People have always hurt me, and have snatched away what I deserved and desired. Therefore It is ok to harm others to get what I want.
2.We have only one life. Why should we settle for less? I want more than what I already have.
3.In the past people have taken away anything that I had and loved. I am fearful that I might lose everything I have.
4.There is no straight road to success. If you don’t push ahead, you will be pushed back. I accept that I might have to do bad things in order to get the things that I want.
5.I have not achieved as much as I want to. My goal is to acquire more than what I already have.
6.Luck hasn’t been with me much. I am concerned that I will lose what I have.
7.People only respects, values, and listens to the successful ones. If I don’t get it, someone else will. Hence, I must and will get what I want at all costs, even if I have to lie.
8.Those who are content with their life are basically stagnant and are living in a comfort zone. I have a lot, in comparison to people I know. But why stop? I want to acquire more and more.
9.I am afraid that everything I have might be gone one day.
10.Everything is fair in love and war. People have cheated me in the past. I would cheat in order to get what I desire.
11.When I think about what I have, I want more, because I still do not have enough in comparison to some, who are so adamant of what they have.
12.I worry about losing what I have. Thoughts of catastrophic losses do cross my brain.
13.Success drives me high. I am so focused on getting what I want, that I don’t think about the consequences.
14.God has given me so less. My friends and families have more than they deserve, and I have much lesser than what I must have. I long for more than what I have.
15.Whatever I have, I have achieved it by myself, without anyone contributing. Neither luck, nor God has given me anything. I had to get everything after struggle and fight. .I’m not thankful for what I have.
16.Money brings respect, class, confidence, comfort. One of my biggest drives is to have more money.
17.If I want something, I get it, by hook or by crook. Why not? Everyone does it? I don’t think about consequences when pursuing what I desire.
18.I dedicate myself in getting, neither demanding, nor begging. I am hardworking. Therefore I try to get as much as I can of things that I desire.
19.What I have? Nothing. Look around to my friends. They have so much more than me at this age. It is hard to be grateful for what I have.
20.It is all about power. Either you use me, or I will use you. I chose the second one, because whats the fun in getting used? I use people to help me get what I want.

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