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Why Sacked Employees Don’t Startup and Create Unicorns

Why Sacked Employees Do not Startup and Create Unicorns Lyfas Short Answer Blog Answers the question

Recently Unacademy did lay off thousands of its employees. Why can’t one of the employees just create a billion-dollar startup and buy Unacademy?

1. Mostly our startups create low-quality employment, turn people into selling machines, or 15-hours clerks.
2. People actually are not forced. They make this choice to become these lifeless machines. Deals and sales.
3. They are constantly put under pressure hierarchically to perform.
4. One who can create a successful startup, is the one who hates the status quo. Often a good founder is a highly freedom-loving “hacker”.
5. Hackers don’t work in such environments. So if one of the employees of this company would have gone on to create a Unicorn, he would have already resigned after joining and wouldn’t have waited for being sacked.
6. Whenever a company hires en-mass, or fast, it is a quick scale theory. When a company invests money in celebrities, it is hard to pump money into the market and get money out of the market attitude.
7. Therefore such companies just have a core philosophy around money.
8. Any human who gets into a money-game, without the awareness of being part of the money game is either greedy or needy.
9. Unfortunately Greedy and Needy both can’t create a successful company, because they are stuck in Mashlow’s bottom layer.

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