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Why Babies Don’t Sleep and Become Cranky? Improve Cranky Baby’s Sleep With Proven Lifestyle Intervention Therapeutics

A. Why Sleep is Key for a Baby?

1. If the child doesn’t sleep in the night, parents too get improper sleep, resulting in an irritating mood and low energy for the next day. And when the economy is stressed, you don’t want any external factors to affect your work.

2. Most of the growth hormones, whether HG or Insulin-like growth factor 1(IGF-1), are all synthesized and secreted in the night. So if the child doesn’t sleep at night, its growth is severely impaired, and the child gains no weight.

3. Because the Growth hormone stimulating hormone HGRH also binds with Grehlin, which is a hormone that creates a sense of hunger, the child seems uninterested in breast milk.

B. Why Child Doesn’t Sleep in the Night?

1. Hormone melatonin is our sleep hormone.
2. Melatonin is produced by the Pineal gland from another hormone called Serotonin.
3. However, all the cells too produce Melatonin in the child.
4. The red light of the sun stimulates cellular melatonin secretion, and night darkness stimulates pineal to release melatonin.
5. Melatonin is also one of the key Oxidative Stress handling chemicals, that creates a web-like pattern in the body for catching free ROS

So, low sleep is because of low Melatonin.

The therapeutic approach then should reduce stress, and increase melatonin.

C. Therapeutics

a) Increase Melatonin Secretion

1. Get the child to morning sun for at least an hour(even when there is no sun, light is enough).
2. Turn off the lights in the home after 8 PM. If you must so use, use “fire light” like diya, which has no blue light. (Eliminate CFL).

b) Increase Mother and Child’s Serotonin

1. Let the mother hold the child( in the lap) in the evening.
2. Tell stories in the mother tongue to the mother.
3. Till age 5, mother and child are physiologically coupled. So child’s serotonin comes from the mother. Stories increase its production.

c) Reduce Environmental Stressors

1. Child’s autonomic system compensation is underdeveloped.
2. Loud noise, high-frequency visuals, and an anxious mother’s touch can significantly increase anxiety in the child. Thus, get rid of any mobile rings after 7 PM in the evening, and TV.

D. What happens if the sleep of the infant is not improved

A child’s Amygdala and Hypothalamus-Pituitary pathways are developed by the age 3 and are never rewired again in life. So, if you think(read have an opinion) “Ahh that’s nothing some children don’t sleep in the night”

You will see
a) Autistic traits in the child.
b) Attention deficit in the child.
c) Traits of social anxiety

and as the child turns 13, you will start seeing a depressive and impulsive, aggressive child.

E. Why there is no such thing as a cranky child?

In simple, we evolved from a fish. 61% of our genes are the same as fish. So if we do anything that fishes don’t then we suffer. Fishes don’t watch movies in the night, or go for food. They learned to sleep 500 million years back.

Every child sleep. There is no such thing as a cranky child. It is the problem with the parents. But when one is blind, one doesn’t; no the difference between sleep and darkness.

F. How to use the theory suggested here to improve adults’ sleep?

isn’t there a child in all of us? And, don’t we all to a degree parent that child(or dump it)? And don’t parents sleep when the child sleeps? If we make an effort to make our inner child sleep with peace, the adult us will also get the sleep

G. Can we educate parents of small children who remain awakened till night and disturb neighbors?

(This question is incorporated into this topic because of increased observation of working parents, particularly in urban IT jobs, playing loud music and partying late nights.)

1) In all likelihood such families are the product of fatherless families. Because fathers play the most crucial role in setting rules, boundaries, and laws. Any who finds it hard or unimportant to go to sleep early would not have the discipline layer built into their habit brain. (Basal ganglia)

2) If one is not considerate enough of the neighbors, and environment around oneself, he/she also lags consciousness. (prefrontal cortex).

3) If one is dancing around in the night, and night after night, then one is pleasure-driven, or Amygdala-driven. Amygdala is almond size part of the brain. If one carries only an Almond size brain in a Coconut size skull, then that brain has no emotion, understanding,, and a severe desire of being antisocial(read crime).

You wouldn’t in any likelihood want to engage with such individuals for your own safety.

This is a self-destructive brain and the way it ends is with self-destruction.

Always remember, life gives us people and situations to witness and learn from others. Yes, there is irritation, inconvenience, anger, and frustration. Keep these aside, this family in the end will teach society the importance of peace and sleep. Observe, don’t absorb.

H. Conclusion

Your mobile, TV, “busy”,”talk with mother”, and opinions all can wait for 3 years, but if the child’s sleep is not your priority, you will spend the next 30 years begging for sleep.

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