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Why are Sick people Quick to complain about God?

Why are Sick people Quick to complain about God

Observation of an Eminent Writer About How People Lose their Grace Under Illness

I was catching up with a Medical Consultant friend the other day. He told me some folks get very angry when they have illnesses. Especially life-threatening illnesses. Much energy goes into being angry with God if they are devout believers. At the same time, atheists seem to be much more accepting of life’s curve balls.

This I found quite fascinating. With Religion comes the belief that God/Universe will take good care of us. Almost a contract of sorts. And, of course, when this expectation is busted, all hell breaks loose. Quite sad.

The same consultant told me some years ago that he was amazed at the strength shown by kids when they have a terminal illness. They are so clear-headed and so mature for their age. I guess these kids have old/mature souls. Unlike some older folks with very young/immature souls.

Grace under fire ( both from the universe and man-made) is an amazing attribute if we have it. To be treasured, I have to say.

What do you think of my Pal’s observations?

Should we have expectations of God/the Universe?

Can we cultivate grace under fire? Or is this a gift?

Subi Nanthivarman

The Universal Law of Homeostasis

Homeostasis, or “Near Equilibrium,” is the first fundamental law of the universe, which also governs the law of spirituality.
So, technically, if one is not experiencing spirituality, it is not that one doesn’t have the soul or spirit of connecting to higher dimensions of the universe; it simply means that the individual is not in equilibrium.

The fundamental principle is because the autonomic nervous system ensures coordination between the organs and system, and because stress disturbs such coordination, which eventually manifests in an illness, and because the sympathetic branch handles the stress(irrespective of the nature), good health can be defined as the autonomic homeostasis.

And by the principle of quantum energy, using which the experienced energy of the universe changes as the internal quantum weight changes, the more one achieves homeostasis, the more one experiences a unique phenomenon of finding oneself as part of the universe. This is when the ripple effect or the excess electrons in the atoms at the cellular level reduces, slowing down the relative time experience of the one. Hence less aging.


“I, me, myself.” What I have got, why are people not giving me what I deserve? Why am I ill? He is such a bad person but not ill. Blah, blah, blah.

Complaining is a habit. Humans have complaints against themselves. Because they are blind to see the beauty of life. Life is beautiful, even on the gallows and even in the concentration camp. Life is just too beautiful. Twenty-four hours is not enough to be attracted by the beauty of life and appreciate and cherish that beauty. One who is hypnotized by life will find beauty in shit too(wow, such a great phenomenon of cleaning us and putting that back to earth), and one without that love will find shit in Rose also(I wish this Rose were multicolor how bad, small red rose).

Life is not disconnected. So one who finds shit in life will find shit in himself/herself. Illness is just an excuse. People are not ill because they have a disease. People fall ill because their brains give them what they want. An opportunity to complain.

It is entertaining to see people having so many complaints while the next second, an asteroid can hit the plant, and all can be dark.

Passionate, Accountable Student for Life

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