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How to make yourself immune to layoffs and Save Your Job?*

How to make yourself immune to layoffs and Save Your Job Lyfas Care Rupam Acculi
  1. People do business with people they trust. Trust is measured as a predictable behavior irrespective of the situation in a social setting.
    a) become social.
    b) remain predictable(mood swings and facial expressions of withdrawal or worry or anxiety will hurt you).
    c) Learn to love pain and stress. When things are cool, everyone can act smart. When people are put under stress, their calmness goes for a toss.
  2. Companies serve societies, become socially responsible
    There are only three social responsibilities:-
    a) Become Productive
    b) Be Functional
    c) Invest 30% of life(time, money, energy emotions) for your replacement(raising baby/youngstars/systems)
    d) Social media is not society.
  3. Becoming productive means making something people want, delivering what they want, and creating a transaction out of what they want.
    a) Learn to create something physical plus something intangible.
    b) learn to sell what you create.
    c) Learn to deliver the creation to the customers.
  4. Your value to any organization is not your contribution but the cost of the organization replacing you. Under economic struggle, an organization faces several problems. It needs problem solvers.

a) Every problem is correlated to multiple dimensions. Economy, finance, sales, marketing, production, delivery, profit, and culture.
b) Problems are solved on the ground, not in AC rooms.
c) Problem-solving needs self-involvement and stress handling.

d) Get rid of scrolling and shortcut information-gathering habits. Study deep. Initially, it will hurt your brain, but the brain will learn not to be lazy soon.

  1. Robots do the job; humans serve. Be in service, not jobs.

a) Job means following a set of protocols over and over again.
b) Service means taking society from one miserable state to a better state.
c) Job is work-emotion, service is emotion+labour.
d) Entrepreneurs serve the company. The company serves people. Employees serve people via the company.
e) If you are not emotionally invested in the company’s mission, you are a robot. A cheaper and more efficient robot always replaces a robot.

  1. Law of purpose. If your purpose is big, then you can serve the purpose even in hunger and without money. Else you will suffer due to hunger and lack of money. Because purpose drives the brain, the brain doesn’t decide purpose.

a) What you do doesn’t matter.
b) Outcome of what you do matters.
c) If you are passionate about that outcome, which is also the desired outcome of the system, then you stay, else you don’t.

  1. Building, learning, and submitting to processes and systems take decades. Service is a mind->Body energy control of submission. A submitted brain doesn’t care about itself, so society does.
    a) Learn the art of the submission.
    b) We all are slaves. If you don’t submit as a slave to humanity and future genes, then you will be enslaved by the economic imperialists.

Serve, don’t do the job.

For simplification:-

  1. Explore the world and find what pains you the most. (Not having a lower salary, money is fake. The pain is emotion, illness, fracture, hunger, air, water, and roof).
  2. Ask yourself what you can do to solve your pain? Start doing.
  3. Find an organization with people like you suffering from the same pain and trying to solve the pain.
  4. Join them to help millions of others to get rid of that pain.
  5. In that way, you serve the pain, not the organization.
  6. Use your skills in conjunction with others to build systems and processes for pain relief.
  7. A group of people with complementary skills becomes a unit, which includes raw material sourcing, financing, planning, production, delivery, and business. This unit is always <=13 member unit.
  8. Focus on what you 13 can do for the company, not what the company can do for you.
  9. Your unit helps the company to secure the orders even in turmoil. You alone have no value.
  10. It may take years for you to become one with one unit.
  11. People don’t leave jobs; they leave toxic bosses etc., and are cliches. It simply means that you are not an integrated entity into a functional unit.
    Be part of the engine, not the tire of the car.

What is a professional’s value?

A professional’s value to the industry is the cost of the industry to replace the professional. For example, the value of $ is zero, as any amount of $ can be printed, but the value of gold is enormous, as it can not be produced, and gold can’t be replaced.

What employees think they are paid for:-

i) Skills

ii) Productivity

iii) Time

iv) Labour(work done)

Problem is:-

i) There is always one with better skills than you.

ii) There is always someone who can produce better outcomes than you.

iii) There is always someone willing to grind more than you.

iv) some tools can perform better than you.

Which of the roles will be eliminated:-

i) Any repetitive task. (example accounting)

ii) Any reusability task(example modular coding)

iii) Any task that involves decision(smartness or intelligence) example, analysts and risk managers.

iv) Any management roles.

v) Anything that anyone else can do.

Jobs that will take the most hits:-

A) Testers:- With cookies and cache management, and instruction queues, every software comes with crash analytics. Almost 70-80% of testing jobs will be gone.

B) Coders:- 16-17 year old youngsters, belonging to broken families are far better coder than most in the industry. Thats because they chann

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