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Laws of Standing!

Two boys, one tall and one small are standing side by side to a ruler. The tall boy is happy as he is standing tall. A crying baby is holding onto the tall boy trying to stand up.

💡Standing Question

“When will you stand on your feet?”

💡Standing Law

One whose stands, he stands.
One who wants others to stand, his doesn’t stand.

💡Standing Law of “However”

However, not all whose stand know the importance of the standing of the one that stands. But the requirement of running at times overshadows the importance of standing. So one whose stand runs, till one forgets to stand. When one forgets to stand, what used to stand doesn’t stand anymore, because running overshadows standing.

💡Standing Law of Desire

One who wants others to stand, and always say “I want you to stand” does not experience standing.

Because standing is a reality that is experienced, not desired. Standing like anything when becomes a desire, only the desire stands, because reality hardly ever stands before the desire.

💡Standing Law of Reinterpretation

Due to this correlation, you always have to redirect the question “when will you stand” to the one that should stand and remain focussed on the standing of the one that needs to stand.

Recall again, “one whose stands, he stands, and one who wants others to stand can not stand, and one can not stand only when he doesn’t stand, because he, whose stands, he stands”

💡Standing Law of Epidemic

Standing is contiguous. When in the class you saw others stand, you too made yourself stand. So, when no one around you stands, even if you think it is important to stand, you fail to stand.

So, when you are around people who say “I want you to stand”, and “I want to help you to stand” do not jump to show that you can stand, because remember one who doesn’t stand, wants others to stand.

💡 Standing Law of Transitivity

So one whose stands, he stands, doesn’t mean one who stands, his stands. And so due to non-transitive and non-reversible standing, one who becomes proud of standing often forgets the law “One whose stands, he stands.”

Therefore your focus always must be on the first part of the law, that is “one whose stands” and not one who stands, and so every time you are questioned on standing, you must reinterpret it to the first part of the law.

💡 Free Gyaan on Standing

One who announces his standing is not sure of the standing, because only when one doesn’t remember “one whose stands, he stands”, does one get unsure of the standing.

So, never desire others to stand, or offer help to stand, because one who doesn’t stand, wants others to stand.

💡 Standing Law of Announcement

One stands, he stands, and when one stands, others can see one stand, and he doesn’t need to announce “Look I am standing.”

💡 Censored Standing Law

Don’t confuse between the can’t and don’t, and when remembering the law before accepting help, always stand before the ones who can’t stand, and not before the ones who don’t stand.

💡 Standing Salute to Standing Example

Standing ovation to all the coaches who want the world to stand, and who wants to help the world to stand.

⛔Standing Disclaimer

This post is not intended to create any “dirty” thoughts in anyone’s mind. Any such thoughts are a mere coincidence. This post doesn’t take the responsibility of hurting anyone’s sentiment, because it is intended to be decent.

Also, this post neither desires anyone to “understand”, nor does it desire anyone to stand” under”. This post further doesn’t desire anyone to either stand-by, or stand for, because this is provided as is, without any additional words with “standing”. So, notwithstanding the post by someone will merely be a misinterpretation of standing and not a misrepresentation of standing.

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