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Science of Karma: Why What We Do Come Back to Us?

A man is pressing a mirror. His mirror image is seen to come out of the mirror and press his neck.

A. The Habit Brain

You need to use your fingers for holding and writing; your hand for eating, and standing up on your feet before walking. Neurons are like nodes, always starting from point A to point B.

In between several abstract connections can be made, but when the pathways see success in a path, more and more neurons connect in the same way, then exact same way, and eventually no other ways other than the defined path.

When you keep repeating the same thing over and over again, the complex pathways of motor movement and neuron connection all together get encoded as a habit in your Basal Ganglion section of the brain.

After certain instances, things just happen, and you can not explain how they happen, they just happen naturally, automatically, and autonomously. A classic example is balancing your bicycle. You can not explain logically how you balance a two-tire cycle, but you do.

If you keep reacting to a certain situation in life the same way every time, then that behavior or reaction becomes a habit, meaning your hormones, physiology, behavior, and motor movements all get encoded into a habit.

After a certain number of practices, or repetition, you become unaware of these habits or stored patterns.

Our ancestors termed this as “Karma” Anything you do, comes back to you. However, as we have become “educated” we consider ourselves smart and our ancestors fool and superstitious. Most people are unaware of karma, and even when they are aware, they convince themselves that Karma doesn’t apply to them as there is no science in Karma and they are scientific.

B. Common Scenarios no one must have told you

a. Hate and Mask of Politeness

1. You hate a person but smile and entertain because you think that the person could give you what you need(or want).

Your Brain:

The brain also hates you, but tolerates you for pleasure.

So any day you fail to give it pleasure, it kicks you. And then it hates you every day. Finally, you become ugly and suffer dysmorphia, because the brain doesn’t tell you that you are becoming ugly.

b. Envy

2. You hear anyone’s good news and a thin wave of negativity flows through your body. You act and smile and say Congrats.

How your Brain reacts in envy:

Constipation: Your Brain says Congrats!
Indigestion: Your brain says Congrats!
Hairfall: Your brain says Congrats!
Headache: Your brain says Congrats!

So because you were hiding inherent envy from others and wishing them for their success even when you hated the success, the brain does exact same thing to you. Because suppressed negative energy of envy may lead to the above conditions and symptoms, the brain thinks that even though these are undesirable, it must be happy and must wish you.

When you achieve something

Your brain: 😐
You: WTF, why am I not happy after earning more money?

Because you have told your brain not to become happy with someone’s good news, it has forgotten to be happy with good news, and that continues even with your good news.

c. Gluttony

3. There is no tomorrow, let me eat everything that I can, can not, have, and don’t have. Need to eat well (read everything)

How your Brain reacts in Gluttony:

Let’s eat the body. The body goes into catabolism. No matter what you eat, your body doesn’t digest. It needs your muscles and energy.

When you say:
I am tired.
Your Brain says:
Get up and eat, I need to eat the body.

d. Lie

3. Yea, I am smart. I can conceal and confabulate from others. I am smart, no one will know my intentions and deeds.

How your Brain behaves when you lie:

Immunity When You are Virus Infected: Wow, everyone has this. No probs.
Fibrillating Heart: Ah, it is just an earthquake, not in the body.
Ovary on Fire: Wow, strong independent ovary.
Penis on Sleep: Good, it is taking rest, I need more rest than sex.
Liver Increasing: Wow, my liver is growing, it means I am also growing.

When you hide the truth, and continue to hide the truth, your organs also learn the same behavior and they too start hiding things from you.

d. Infinite Planning(I will show you the syndrome)

4. Plans in the brain all the time on how to “defeat” and destroy another person.

How your brain behaves when you remain busy plotting, scheming, and planning against others:

Ovary: Hmm, let me destroy eggs. No blood, no pad, plan success!
Heart: Shit man! Heart muscles are intact, let me scheme to make the muscles die.
Liver: What is the point of keep giving energy? Let me lower the energ by planning a fatigue.

e. Greed

(A classic example is Viagra Capitalist)

5. I need bigger, better, scaling, the world, the universe, the parallel universe. I need the sun, moon everything.

How your brain behaves when you are greedy?

Oh, I need to capture more cells, put in more energy, I have to become invasive(like dates and barley plants). Cytomegalo Virus goes and increases the cytoplasm of all cells.
Body’s Viagra Capitalist Virus: Ji Hojoor. Hojoor I need more funding for market penetration.

Brain to Cytomegalovirus:
Here, take all the calcium with you.
Your teeth, backbone, knee, and shoulder: Stop this, please.
Brain and CMV: No no no no no, we need you to grow faster.
You: “Life must be grand, not long.”
Your Brain: oh, yea? Ok, noted, short life.

C. Proof of the Concept from History

Savages from History:
1. Alexender: I have to win the entire world: dies in fever at the age of 30. “All world’s physicians” couldn’t do a thing. Son, and wife slaughtered.
2. Steve Jobs: “Great Artist Steels” Nothing escapes gravity, an orange or an apple, or Newton who made the apple popular.
3. Michael Jackson: “I hate my skin”. His brain, “I hate my heart’s color, let’s make it white”

But never learn from science and history.

1. Sharma Ji ka Ladka(the Indian Batsman): “Kheloge nehi to Jitoge kaise?”
2. Soft Son(The Startup investment giant): “Jamoore, Unicorn Unicorn Khelega?”
Jamoora: Khelega Sardar
Soft Son: Jamoore Dugdugi pe Nachega?
Jamoora: Nachega Sardar
3. “Kahin Mujhe Bhule to Nehi?” wala Dada(The former Indian captain): Second Prize hi ek crore hai socho first prize kitna hoga? (yehi bacha thaa sochne)

Sun bherma: 2 min me drescription likhega? (I am dyslexic ok?)
DOCumenTor: Likhega malik.
Sun bherma: Loha Bechega?
DOCumenTor: Bechaga malik.
Sun bherma: “Thailand Jayega? Daru peeyega?

DOCumenTor’s brain: Haan haan, yeh sab karega malik, main ankhein band kar lega.

D. Conclusion

Never see the obvious, never understand the basics, never accept the truth, never fix yourself. Keep looking around the world for what is wrong. Continue to live by your opinion, thinking that you are smart and that laws of karma don’t apply to you. Remain unaware of the damage you are doing to yourself.

The brain doesn’t work in two different ways, whatever you make your brain to do to others, your brain does the exact same thing to you, because it doesn’t know two different ways of functioning

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