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Can Females With Borderline Personality Disorder and Mood Disorder Really Change?

Two faces of different moods of the same woman are facing each other.

A. Change the way you look at life

  1. Every human being is unique. Not liking others doesn’t mean being abnormal. It simply means unique.
  2. We become the way we become because the brain and the genes want us to be the way we are, and genes and the brain is to survive, therefore the way we are is the best survival option par the brain.
  3. Psychology is 150 years old, and the information age is hardly 50 years old. It is therefore a gross disrespect to human genes that have evolved over 1.8 million years. If we think we know what 1.8 million-year-old genes know, then we are overestimating ourselves not by factors of X, but by lightyears.

B. Accept

So, the new thinking is “I am unique; (every human being ever born in the past, and are to be born in the future will be); this is who I am because this is my best survival chance in the world; 99% of the species ever lived in the planet has vanished; so life itself is a miracle; nearly 2.3 million infants do not see their first birthday every year; the fact that I am alive, is in itself a miracle, and this miracle is possible because of the way I am; because if I was wired, I would have already died.”

C. Understand

  1. A BPD is essentially a mood disorder, which means extreme changes in hormone levels. This is nothing surprising but rather is normal. Oceans have high and low tides daily. Earth has days and nights daily. Plants breathe Oxygen in the night and Carbon di Oxide in the day. So would you say “planet Earth has a mood disorder? Do oceans have mood disorders? every plant has mood disorder?”
  2. Extreme polar variation is needed for life. Sea hosts more species than ponds because the sea has BPD and ponds don’t. Earth hosts life and not Mars because the Earth has a mood disorder, not Mars. Poles’ hormonal variations are nothing but changes in the electrolyte(+ and -ions) because chemical reactions need that variation, and life is possible only when there are predictable chemical reactions.
  3. Therefore a mood disorder simply means you are high on feminine energy, and that makes you a good mother who can give birth to a healthy child.
  4. Water has a mood(heat it and it will be vaporized, put it in the refrigerator and it will be ice), and therefore life needs water. Sulphuric Acid doesn’t have a mood disorder, and therefore Venus doesn’t breed life.

D. Use the Strength:- Channelize your energy toward why this energy exists in the first place

  1. As you now understood that a mood disorder gives you immense strength to become a good mother, to give birth to a healthy child, or create anything, (think closely about your childhood likings and you may see a pattern)
    a) You might have loved drawing, or arts or crafts.
    b) You might have loved vivid colors and flowers.
    c) You might have loved rainfall.
    d) You might have loved birds, chirping.
    e) You might have liked music or dance.

So “I am a creator and a potential good mother”

  1. Start pursuing what you liked in childhood like music and art and create. Keep creating. Don’t worry about who likes and dislikes it on Instagram. Just create and cherish your creativity.
  2. Pursue a healthy relationship.

D. Pointers for a Healthy Relationship

i) You will never be able to live with a man who is already successful(created). Because you are a creator, and creativity happens in chaos, there would be chaos in this man, who would have potential which is not yet materialized.

ii) You would not be able to pair bond in a settled environment. So there would be turmoils, and you have to accept this turmoil as a necessary for creation, and not a problem. We suffer not because of the problems, but because we don’t accept our life, and we don’t accept our lives because we compare ourselves all the time with others.

iii) Even though a glitter, party, etc would attract you, in reality, you would be looking for another creative energy.

Also, the attachment style will be push-pull-based. That is not something to complain about, but to cherish for.

Take an iron bar and place it on a magnet. After a week this iron will be repelled by the magnet because the iron will also become magnetic. This happens due to electromagnetic field transfer.

Then you have to reverse the iron bar, and again it will be attached to the magnet. After a few days, again the poles will reverse and it will detach. The only thing that remains attached to a magnet permanently is something that the magnet doesn’t attract(like plastic), and the only way this attachment stays forever is through glue.

Marriage is like that glue by means of which the attachment is forced. Pay attention to your attraction, and accept the “push-pull” dynamic as a natural phenomenon. Remember earth is not attached to the Sun by a thread. Earth revolves around the sun and when it tries to go and get connected with the sun by falling into the Sun’s gravity, its velocity creates a tangent and that tangential force pushes it away from the sun. Gravity itself is push and pull. It is the same with any cosmic pair, including the relationship between the earth and the mood.

4.3 Billion years ago, Planet Thia got too attracted to Earth and fell into it, attaching itself to the planet Earth. Earth burnt for a billion years, and Thia was pushed away to become our moon.

So, in the so-called healthy relationship where there is no push and pull, there will be no babies born. That is considered normal because most humans have not paid attention to science.

E. Direction of Life

  1. Once you accept that mood dysregulation is good, and it makes you a creator, and a mother, channel your energy into creating what you like to create. From Mozard to Da Vincci, to Michelangelo, to Galelio, everyone suffered from the so-called mood disorder.
  2. Find a relationship that gives you freedom. No magnet likes plastic stick to it with glue. It loves iron. Use this theory to find a talented hardworking guy who is not yet settled(if you are not already in a relationship that is).
  3. Mother a child. That channelizes your energy into the most beautiful form. You are a creator and not a protector or energy provider. Moon doesn’t harvest life because it doesn’t get direct energy from the sun. Moon appears beautiful only from a distance. So, have no confusion or contradiction in believing that you would take care of the children. You find the man who will provide you the energy so that you can channel your creative energy to pour everything into the child and raise the child.

F. Conclusion

Remember, we don’t have to necessarily change, certainly and absolutely not if you are not harming another being’s(including yours) {Survive, Thrive, and Reproduce} key needs. We have to understand ourselves, accept the way we are, find out why we are the way we are, discover a purpose to channel our energy, and live a satisfied life of self-acceptance. A disorder is not a disease. It is simply an aberration in the average population.

One suffers simply because everyone tells that “you are different and not like us.” This suffering is more due to the stigma of perceived social rejection. Earth doesn’t have to become like Mars to be in society. Oceans will not have to become like ponds to be accepted by humans. Anything that breeds life will be warm on the surface and cooler as you go down like the ocean, or cooler on the surface and warmer as you go down to the core like Earth.

Life is short and not worth pursuing what we do not have. Live every moment with whatever you have.

There is no need for anyone to change their life, the only thing that needs to be changed is the way we look at our life, we need to accept, acknowledge, adapt, live, and cherish life;

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