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2 Days Baby Planning Workshop for Couples- Ticket Registration and Discount Pass


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For 21 couples, only

Workshop Details

  • Self-assessment test for couples before the workshop for
    – Attachment
    – Stress
    – Anxiety
    – Relationship Health
  • Art of energy exchange between couples.
  • Art of conversation.
  • Art of seduction.
  • Improve sexuality and desire.
  • Control negative thoughts and palpitation.
  • Preparation of father mindset.
  • Preparation of motherhood mindset.
  • Art of physicality and touch.
  • Visualization techniques.
  • Reduce Menstruation PMS, cramps, and stress.
  • Diet and food.
  • Meditation.
  • Self-talk.
  • Conflict resolution technique between the couples.
  • Trust enhancement.
  • Emotional regulation.
  • Shared fantasy management.
  • Financial and time management.
  • Handling relatives and family.
  • How to handle fear of Judgment.
  • Abandonment anxiety resolution.
  • Jealousy resolution.
  • Social Anxiety resolution.

Workshop Takeaway

  • Psychology tools.(models, and self-assessment tests)
  • Seduction tools.(models and self-assessment tests)
  • Free Baby-Planning eBook by Rupam Das.
  • Personalized solution based on your test results.
  • Personal attention to concerns.

Additional Benefit

  • Complete handholding and monthly follow-up till pregnancy.
  • Priority answers to the doubts.
  • Weekly free episode access, separately for aspiring mothers and aspiring fathers.

Register Now and Get a 15% Discount on the Workshop. 

Because when it comes to babies, there is no second chance in life!

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