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Intimacy Laws Podcast Episode 36 Why Marriages have No Sex Reasons for loss of libido in marriages

Intimacy Laws Podcast Episode 36 Why Marriages have No Sex Reasons for loss of libido in marriages
Intimacy laws Podcast
Intimacy laws Podcast
Intimacy Laws Podcast Episode 36 Why Marriages have No Sex Reasons for loss of libido in marriages

Key Learning of Episode 36 of Intimacy Laws: Why Marriages have no Sex?

  • 1) What is sex?
  • 2) What is sexual desire?
  • 3) Why sex is not physical but rather psychosexual?
  • 4) What is the difference between emotion and expression?
  • 5) What is an expression of sex?
  • 6) How our emotions are developed?
  • 7) What is habit sex?
  • 8) What is the difference between feelings and emotions?
  • 9) How do our feelings get developed?
  • 10) Why do working women have no sex?
  • 11) Why sex without feelings is rape?
  • 12) Why kitchen is special for the females?
  • 13) How a female expresses her feelings through cooking?
  • 14) What is meant by recovery? Why do females feel tired more than their husbands?
  • 15) Why there is no sex even when both husband and wife are at home?
  • 16) Why sex becomes a validation for females?
  • 17) Why Sexuality needs daily time investment?
  • 18) How much time is needed every day to feel sexual?
  • 19) What are the things and in which order must a husband and wife do for them to feel each other?
  • 20) Why do females generalize their statements?
  • 21) Why do females express the same memory differently?
  • 22) Why creating something together is important for both husband and wife?
  • 23) What happens when you postpone the sexuality even for a day?
  • 24) What is interdependency? How brain accepts the need of the other?
  • 25) How creative energy heals?
  • 26) What you can create together and what you may not?
  • 27) Why going to dinner do not give any feelings anymore?

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