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Why the Job, and Life You Dreamt of And Worked So Hard to Get Stop Making You Happy Anymore? The Dream Pyramid

A girl is running in a staircase to try to reach at the top where a golden trophy is kept. A sad girl is sitting below the large golden trophy.

A. Dream of a Good Life

1. If I marry that girl, my life will be filled with love. I won’t have to live a miserable life like my parents.

2. One day, I will earn so much money that the girl who rejected my love in college will repent.

3. If I get a government job, we will have financial security, and my mother who has sacrificed so much for me will be happy.

4. Nobody in our family has become a doctor. When I become a doctor, I will be the first in the family and all will be so proud.

5. There is no point working for someone else. One day I will work for myself. I will be my own boss.

6. My parents will be so happy to see their child driving a Ferrari one day.

7. Whatever I have suffered in my childhood, I won’t let my children go through that. They will live their childhood.

And of course the billion-dollar flying horse dream:

8. No one ever expected me to do anything in life. One day the world will recognize the power of my idea and I will run a unicorn.

9. One day one of these dreamers will fulfill my dream of becoming richer than Warren Buffet.

B. Break Down a Dream

1. A dream is essentially a powerful hope to overcome an emotionally distressful situation that one is living in since childhood. A dream is a means to convince that “I am not desirable” and will be desired by people someday.

2. Dreams are not purposes, but merely a tool to deal with the harsh reality of life that you are inherently unhappy and dissatisfied with life.

3. Dreams are Objectification: You don’t like who you already are being(because you do not know it), and want to become someTHING. So, you transform yourself from a being(Alive) to a THING(Dead).

C. The Death Sellers and Dream Merchants

“Bade hole kya banna chahte ho” What do you want to become growing up? Nobody has ever asked a kid “Hey kid who you are?” Because dead society likes dead things.

The dead society then imprints the desire for death on children. So the merchants sell death: “Take tuition, get good marks, crack IIT and your life will be set.”(as if the partner will be considerate while kicking the bells based on physics marks).

D. Happy vs Pride and Feeling Good

Life is beautiful because it is uncertain, unpredictable, and unorganized. One will feel good seeing Pyramid and proud that he/she saw it in a lifetime, but now imagine living there, inside a dark tomb, or even outside it, witnessing a glorified morgue daily.

Happiness is who you are when you have nothing, in hunger, thirst, and drenched in rain without a roof. Pleasure is the pride in what you have over others, a mere painkiller to forget the pain of being dead for some time.

E. The Pyramid Mummy

You chased cars, bungalows, money, career, “wife”, and “husband” all of which are things. Things by definition are dead. Today the same things torture you because you finally living inside the pyramid you dreamt of.

F. Conclusion

1) You earn money to feed your and your family’s stomach, so as to live. You don’t live so that you can do it daily.
2) You are an extraordinary person, one who never existed in the past, and will never exist in the future(no two humans ever born have the same fingerprints). Be unique and alive, not an iPhone and dead.

3) If someone has to love you for what you have, then they desire what you can give and not you. Remember there is always a Bill Gates richer than you.

4) Dreams are always painful. When you see a good dream, you expect that to happen in reality. When it becomes real, you are sad that the excitement of the dream is no more. When the dream is bad, you live in fear and apprehension of that dream becoming real. A misunderstood dream keeps you anxious about “why I saw what I saw.” So, let the dreams be dreams.

5) You always have something that others don’t. If you are bald, you may have immense shoulder strength. There is always something in you(not outside).

6) Feeling low is everyone’s choice, including your partner’s and parents’. You don’t have to screw your life taking responsibility for anyone’s feelings. Nothing you do will make anyone change their feelings. Because they have chosen to be miserable.

Don’t just dream big;
achieve small milestones;

Passionate, Accountable Student for Life

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