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The Death of God, Dogs, and Men

An artistic depiction of a naked woman with flowers kept near breast in the foreground of a frame d photo of God Zeus, Socrates and a Dog in the background.

Why masculinity is dying? Why feminine traits are increasing in society? Why does increasing femininity mark the end of God? How dogs are affected by the increase in femininity? The science behind the societal shift towards femininity.

A. Simple Electrical Circuit Principle

1. Any electronics that need to use both +ve and -ve voltage, (for example series of batteries), need to have a ground. In a pure DC circuit(say +5v), the -ve acts as the ground.

2. All electrical lines in a house are earthed through a dug pit, filled with salt and coal, and a thick copper plate

B. Females carry more -Ve Electrons and a Man +ve Charge

1. Females have smoother skin, which is more acidic(pH<7), and hence less positive hydrogen ions(less H+) in the body.
2. Males have drier and rougher skin which is slightly alkaline(pH>7) and so more H+ icons.

3. Fruits are acidic and so resemble the female skin. (Move your palm over the apple surface and female skin). Stems of trees are more alkaline and resemble male skin.

C. Why Females Have -ve and Man +ve?

1. Any chemical reaction needs heat, and catalysts.
2. Catalysts donate electrons to accelerate a chemical reaction.
3. Females are to give birth to babies, and so the body has an active chemical reaction.
4. Men are to donate physical energy and heat and so more H+ ions.

D. How Female Electrons are Grounded?

1. If you are a young girl, measure your heart rate at home, then go to a Shiva temple, offer puja, and come out and see decreased heart rate.

2. Male brain is reward-centric(maximize gain), female punishment-centric(minimize loss).

3. Fear is the key ground for female electrons(Remember Covid times?). So, God acts as that fear. Any man who radiates energy, male dogs, and a strong father are the other two grounds.

4. Breastfeeding mothers suffer from high palpitation and hypothyroidism(excess chemical reactions and free electrons)

E. Why Females Feel Aggressive?

1. Use a relay circuit without ground, and the optocoupler will burn out. Touch the OC chip or relay and your skin will be gone.

2. When electrons are not grounded, they will produce immense heat, accelerating all inner reactions.

3. Any female suffering unbearable aggression with one palm touching her scalp and with the other neck. Got the hot head?

F. Plant Parallel

1. Any fruit farm must have enough male plants, and Banyan trees that act as +ve balance to soil. A date farm will turn an entire city into Sahara in 20 years.

G. Emasculation

1. A Bull is maintained for about 20 cows, one male date palm plant for 100 female fruit-bearing plants.
2. Increased productivity needs bullocks(castrated) males, and 20-100x females.
3. So male dogs are increasing in societies, and the pet market growing.

VCs, and corporates, need feminized and castrated males, and high H+ infertile females for profit.

H. Only Balance

Dog, Men, and God.

1. God is gone now.
2. Dog food is gammed, and so they are dying fast.
3. Fewer men will anyways die of heart attacks with consumed electrons.

And we will give you the planet, our children, family, and girls on a platter for profit, won’t we?

I. Conclusion

Interestingly a majority today complains about Negative chain of thought, family distress, excessive manipulation, anxiety, and inability to sleep, and nobody seems to be finding a solution: Anxiolytic, Travel, Psychology, and Diet all are failing.

That is because no medicine(I repeat, no medicine) has the ability to ground as much of free electrons as we have today. Females are socially 1000x stronger than men, and so female negative energy spreads like fire in the jungle. People are looking for magic to turn the fire off with spit.

This is exactly how societies turn when profiteering, and greed exceeds.

In China, well before 400 BCE, Eunuchs managed all state affairs. The castrated males called Eunuchs were the only ones to get government jobs. So males castrated themselves en mass. China got destroyed, first by the Eunuchs, then by Mongols.

In 1700 BCE(3700 years back), in Babylon, all the servants were Eunuchs. Nero the Roman Empire murdered his wife, castrated a look-alike boy, and married him in 60AD. Rome never recovered from that moment.

Never learn from history, science, the wisdom of men, don’t learn from Old Testament, Bhagwat Geeta.

Today, dogs have the onus to save the human race. Empathy for the dogs!

And if you want to take back your masculinity, here is a book for you:

Passionate, Accountable Student for Life

2 thoughts on “The Death of God, Dogs, and Men

  1. Hello sir, love the blend always,

    I couldn’t get that conclusion part,
    How to protect us from the issues like physiological given in current situations for a man, if you describe that as well, the safety measures or the remedies anything as such..
    as knowingly or un-knowingly all of us are trapped in this ecosystem.

    Again thanks for the intriguing post as always.🙂

  2. Any insight on the nutrition and supplements industry, their claims on mental health like xyz supplement can help you curve your anxiety and stress,

    Or xyz nutrition deficiency is the resultant of this particular problem. Selling fish oils , Omega capsules of brain health, how effective it is or not.

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