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How to Use Robust Scientific Model Theory Rather than Opinions and Common Beliefs to Lower Negative Experience of Life?

You are told to “Get a good education, then a good job, marry, have a child, earn a lot of money, save money” and your life will be good. However, you find out that none of these hold true. In this article, I shall teach you how to find a better meaning in life through Scientific models, and how models can guide you in life better.

A. What is a Model or Theory?

A model or theory is a framework, which can be either mathematical or logical that can be used to understand the truth of the universe.

Essentially a theory or model is like a system, where if you input an observation, the system will produce an explanation. You can then use the explanation to understand similar phenomena.

Block diagram explaining what is theory or model

A theory is robust if it is consistent in space and time

Because our reality is a fabric of space and time, a robust model is one that doesn’t change with space and time. This means that if there is a theory that explains a set of current observations, then the same theory should be able to explain similar observations from the past, should be able to explain similar observations in the future, should hold true in explaining a phenomenon in America, or Australia and so on.

The other principles of a scientific theory/model will be elaborated as we go further.

B. What are Observation, Experience, and Events?

a. Observation

An observation is simply a contextually distinct event experienced by our senses, that our mind can separate from day-to-day common events.

For example, you hear a lot of noises, and people talking, but when you hear someone singing a song, you can immediately identify that it is a song, because the mind can find the context of rhythm and scale that is embedded in the sound it is receiving.

When you drive on the Indian road, suppose you see someone driving a red Ferrari. This is an observation, because a red Ferrari is not what you see every day on the road, and your brain can immediately distinguish a Ferrari car, by comparing it with other cars on the road.

b. Event

An event is simply a story in your life involving the observation that changed certain regular behaviors of yours.

For instance, when you heard someone singing a song in the street, unlike your daily routine of walking fast towards the office, you took a pause, listened to the song, got healed, and slowly walked towards the office. So observation of a song in the street became an event as it changed your daily routine.

c. Experience

Any event around an observation that changes the way you commonly feel about your routine, then that event with the associated feelings is called an experience.

For example, you might pick up conflict with juniors every day when you reach the office. But the day you heard the song, you paused and you listened to the entire song, you healed and walked slowly to your office, and you did not pick up any fights that day. Then this entire observation, event, and the good feelings become your experience.

On the other hand, if you saw the Ferrari while driving towards your office, and you felt bad about not owning a Ferrari, and you went to the office and vented out your frustration on your colleagues and the juniors, you might have bad and negative feelings about the observation and the event.

Why do we need a meaning and model?

Everyone wants to increase the positive experiences, and avoidthe negative experiences in life; Because life offers more negative experiences than positive ones, everyone wants at least a meaning of the negative experience so as to feel less bitter about the experience.

We not only want meaning and explanation for the negative experiences but at the same time look for a continuity of life. Without understanding the meaning of what is happening to us, and why such things are happening to us, we remain confused and unsure of our life.

C. What is an Opinion or Common belief

a. Opinion

An opinion is interpreting a personal experience as truth and theory.

For instance, because you got healed when you heard someone singing a song while going to the office, you might create an opinion that “If you want to reduce office conflict, they listen to songs while going to the office.”

b. Superstition

Sometimes, opinions may also lead to superstitions.

For instance, you may become superstitious that “whenever you see a Red Ferrari, your day will be bad, so avoid important meetings on that day.”

A superstition is simply changing your behavior based on an opinion, that is created out of a personal experience.

c. Common Belief

When a lot of people hold similar opinions about a subject, and when one belives the opinion without going through the experience, then that belief is called a common belief.

d. Why we must not create opinions from common beliefs?

You have already seen that an opinion is created by someone based on an observation leading to an experience in his/her life. That person might not even have waited multiple times for the same experience, and might not have tested if the opposite of the opinion is true or not. You have also seen that the actual opinion eliminates the context from the opinion so that the opinion can be applied to larger areas of life.

(For instance one did not elaborate on the context that if you have a daily fight in the office, and if you are running for the office daily, if you are irritated by the noise of the traffic while driving to the office, try to find some street singers, take a pause, listen to the song, get healed, and you will have lesser conflict for the day).

Because an opinion lags the context, lags the mention of the sample size, lags the overall experience of the person, lags exception, an opinion is merely a personal theory and not a universal theory,
irrespective of the number of people having the same opinion,
because people having same opinion doesn’t mean that everyone has formed the opinion based on the same experince.

Let’s now take the example of the common opinion that “A good school education will lead to good life.” Irrespective of the number of people you meet ask them “Do you think I should put my child in a good school?” almost everyone will say “Absolutely.”

Nobody wants to appear opinionated. Everyone wants to appear intelligent and rational. So people would not only give you their opinion but also tell you why the opinion is in fact a universal truth. They may say “Only because my parents put me in good school, I am earning 1 Lakh a month, having a car and flat.”

How to distinguish an opinion from a theory?

An opinion is always tried to be made to look rational by favorable examples;
a theory needs no example, you can put any experience(positive and negative) into a theory, and the theory should be able to explain both sides.

Therefore, if you are to evaluate whether a statement is opinionated or theoretical, all you have to do is see if the opposite of opinion holds true factually for more than 10% or not. That is because anything in the universe is true if it maintains a 99.99% equilibrium.

For instance, the speed of light in the entire universe is constant, but not within the black hole, because light is consumed by the black hole. Same way Ohm’s law holds true in every place of the universe for all the electrical and electronic circuits, but not in the short circuits. So, Ohm’s law is a good theory, speed of light is a truth.

Now let’s see if “Good education will provide good employment” is true or not.

You may see that the Literacy rate in India has gone up from 20% in 1950 to 52% in 1991, and in the next 20 years, it has increased to 74%, almost a 1% increase in the literacy rate every year.

India’s Graduation education rate(GER) increased to almost 300%, from 11% to 30% in the last twenty years.

This means that India’s unemployment rate should also come down by about 300% and India’s overall unemployment rate must be less than 20% (because the literacy rate is 80%).

However, what we see is completely contradictory to the statement that “Education improves earning and employment, and a good school is the key to good life.”

From 2005 onwards, even though higher education and literacy both have increased drastically, unemployment has also increased by over 10%, so the above statement is merely an opinion and not truth.

When people start believing the individual opinion of people, irrespective of the number of people(including their representative government), then that’s a false belief.

Because the universe runs on truth and robust theory, not the opinions, any decision taken by listening to false belief and opinion would always almost invariably result in a disaster and negative experinces.

Those who live by the opinion, die by the truth

D. Let’s Build a Robust Theory Step by Step

a. Start with your experiences

Your life is run by your experiences, feelings, and observations. These form a pattern of life. These patterns are repeated throughout the life. No one else, including your government, has gone through the same experience of life, because every human being is different.

Therefore, whenever you want to solve a problem or want to make a future decision, do not start with the problem, but rather jolt down your experiences. You want to develop a theory that should be able to explain more than 99.99% of your experinces.

Let’s say that you have observed the following phenomenon:

  1. A very fat person was very lazy and hardly did any work. Then he exercised, got leaner, and now he is very energetic.
  2. Once you used to be under tremendous stress. Then you left your friends and relatives behind, and now you are feeling less stressed.
  3. Whenever you were highly stressed, you had less sleep, then when the stress got resolved you experienced hyper-urination, also your sleep improved.
  4. Even though you want a stable, peaceful and settled life, whenever challenges are low, you feel dead.

(Random Observation Set for model testing)

What is interesting about these sets of observations is that they appear random, meaningless, and uncorrelated. So we always try to find a meaning of why we are witnessing or experiencing what we are experiencing.

Every day, we may have tens of hundreds of new experiences, and if we are to add all these experiences from the beginning of our lives, then the memory of our brain will run out of the cells. But, if we understand the meaning, then our brain can only remember the model and can find the meaning of any observations with that model.

Therefore, we don’t have to remember the independent experiences, the only thing we have to do is remember the model and then validate our observations against the model. If an existing model in the brain can not explain a new experience or observation, then only the event/experience/observation will be stored in the brain. And only when many such observations that we have not found any meaning are stored in the brain, the brain will look for the new model.

b. 7-Rules for developing a robust model

We know that if a model is consistent over space and time, then that model is invariably a good model because we experience and sense any events within the fabric of space and time.

  1. If a model is made out of fundamental principles of physics, then the model will be a robust model. This is because the principles of physics(such as gravity, force, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, etc) remain consistent across the universe, which is far larger a space than planet Earth.
  2. If a model can explain an evolutionary phenomenon and a historical phenomenon, then it will be robust in time.
  3. Once a model becomes robust enough to explain evolution and history, it should be capable of explaining events from other areas of life, and recent events because the past and the present are connected through time fabric, and different areas of life work on a similar principle, as they are also part of the space-time fabric.
  4. A model is robust if it can also explain the counter-experience or the opposite experience.
  5. If a model can be constructed by combining the principles of physics with mathematics, then the model will be a robust model, because only mathematical principles hold true over both space and time dimensions, and only mathematics can combine space and time. Mathematical constants such as Pi, hold across space and time up to 8th decimal point precision.
  6. The model must be really simple because the laws of the universe are really simple. (That means the model must not take one page of mathematical equation to justify).
  7. Once a model is verified, it must be convertible into a simple non-scientific, and non-mathematical statement for even a child to understand.

If a model is not developed using a fixed set of rules, and if the rules themselves are not rational, then irrespective of the number of good theories that the model is created from, the model will always fail.

c. A simple robust model to explain our random observations.

Because the phenomenon of the fabric of space-time can be best explained by Einstein’s theory of relativity, we can start with his Energy model, as all human beings(as well as other life forms) are run by energy through the process of metabolism.

E=mC2 (1)
E m (1b)

Where E is energy, m is the mass of an object, and C is the speed of life, which is constant 3x108 m/s

Because Gravity is consistent across the universe and can travel across space and time, let us take our second theory from gravity.

W=m.g  (2)
Where, w is the weight in Kg, m is the mass and g is the gravity in a place.

Any work is carried out by utilizing energy to develop a force and applying the force. The law of thermodynamics suggests that “Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, it can just be transformed from one form to another.”

F=m.a (3)
E=F.d (4)
Where, F is Force, m is the mass, and a is acceleration, d is distance.

That’s it, we have connected energy, gravity, space, and time. It is time for us to test the model with our example experiences.

E. Let’s Test the model with our first Observation

(a) A very fat person was very lazy and hardly did any work. Then he exercised, got leaner, and now he is very energetic.

Triglycerides, and adipose tissues stores energy, and they are stored in the body as fat. Therefore fat is just unutilized stored energy.

Therefore, Total Mass=Lean Mass+Stored Unused Mass. (i)

Total Potential Energy=(Actual Energy)+(Stored Energy) (ii)

The person is lazy. This means that:

Actual Energy< Stored Energy (iii)

Therefore, Lean Mass<Stored Mass. (iv)

Therefore, Lean Weight< Stored Weight (v) (use equation 2).

If anyone has to get rid of laziness, one has to then reduce stored energy to nearly zero(in equation ii) by utilizing the stored energy.

In order to reduce the Stored Potential Energy, we can add an extra variable called “Excess Used Energy.”

Stored Potential Energy=Stored Potential Energy-Excess Used Energy (vi)

So, Stored Fat ∝ Stored Fat-(Excess used Energy) (use equation 1b)

Energy can be used only by applying a force, which will increase if we increase acceleration(equation 3). So if you start walking or exercising, you are increasing the acceleration of the body, which will result in Energy utilization.

We intake energy through food. So, your energy loss through exercise has to be more than the energy gained by the food. On average one eats 2000 calories of food. If one does nothing and sleeps in the bed, then the body utilizes 75% of the energy. Therefore either you have to lose 500 cal energy through exercise or reduce food intake.

Now your observation fits into a raw model. The next step is to transform the mathematical model into a simple statement.

G. Transforming Raw Model into a simple statement

Now that we have validated our simple mathematical model that combines some principles of physics, let us create a simple statement for everyone to remember the model.

Less work with (more eating and rest) increases the burden.
Excess burden ends life to release unused energy.

More simplified: “Whey you store more than you spend and work, you die fast

Model Statement

H. Validating if the model can explain History and Evolution


Ants can carry up to 20 weight than their body weight. Therefore, they always spend more energy than they eat. Therefore Ants species survived the Metorior fall on earth some 135 million years ago, and the species has survived for over 160 million years.

On the other hand, Dinosaurs had an undue advantage over other animals when it came to food. They ate a lot and did not have to work as hard for their food. Therefore, they became extinct.


Hammurabi transformed a small town Babel into Babylon in 1792 BCE. He constructed temples, infrastructures, schools, and roads and worked really hard. So he ruled for 42 years.

On the other hand, the Mughal Emperor Humayun, who was the son of the founder of the Mughal empire in India, the fierce Babr ruled for only ten years from 1530 to 1540, because he did not undertake any development activities and was lazy.

History and evolution validating the statement of the model validates the model, as well as validates if the conversion of a scientific and mathematical model to a simple statement was effective or not.

Now that we have done the same, let us validate the model from the other areas of life.

I. Validate the Model in Other Areas of Life

a. Business

Nokia was a market leader in mobile technology till 2007. Their revenue was more than any other mobile company. However, they did not invest and spend the money on innovation and was a dead company within two years of the iPhone launch. Nokia ate more(more revenue) but spent less(less innovation).

Amazon on the other hand kept investing its revenue into new innovations, thousands of which failed, but kept winning the market from time to time with their products like AWS, Amazon Prime, and so on.

b. Marriage

Marriage was a social institution that was created for a man and woman to pair bond for the purpose of giving birth to and raising children.

Above is the US divorce rate over the last century.

(US birth rate(baby per female) over the last century)

As you can clearly see couples are not raising as many babies as they used to in the past, which is the purpose of marriage, the more marriages are failing.

c. Money

Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men on the planet donated 90% of his entire wealth to Charity, and therefore he is still living a healthy life close to 90. Steve Jobs made a lot of money with Apple, but had not donated to Charity, and therefore died rather early.

You have noticed that while building the model we have neither used the actual example of opinion, “better schooling leads to better employment and life” nor have we considered our other observations and experiences. This is because we humans have a strong tendency to find proof, and a narrative that fits our observation, rather than working hard to build a model that can explain our experiences.

I. Use the Validated Model and Theory to Try to Explain your Experiences

Let’s now take up our experiences and see if our theory and model can explain them or not.

  1. Once you used to be under tremendous stress. Then you left your friends and relatives behind, and now you are feeling less stressed.
  2. Whenever you were highly stressed, you had less sleep, then when the stress got resolved you experienced hyper-urination, also your sleep improved.
  3. Even though you want a stable, peaceful, and settled life, whenever challenges are low, you feel dead.

Let us also revisit our model so that it becomes easier for you to see the model and try to fit the experiences into it, rather than going back to the previous pages.

Less work with (more eating and rest) increases the burden.
Excess burden ends life to release unused energy.

More simplified: “Whey you store more than you spend and work, you die fast

Model Statement

The meaning of stress is when your body needs more energy per unit time than it can produce through metabolism(basal metabolic rate). Because energy is proportional to mass, more people around you means more total mass for which you have to produce energy. By cutting down people from your life, you reduce mass, and therefore your energy burning rate is lowered, and therefore your stress is reduced.

Because more stress means the body has to spend more energy, and loss of energy is proportional to loss of mass, more stress leads to more wear and tear in the muscles of the body, and loss of energy for the brain.

In sleep, the body has to produce minimum energy and repair the mass loss in the day. But as the brain loses its energy during the day, the body has to keep producing energy in the night to refill the brain. It also has to repair many more tissues and muscles than it is capable of, and therefore sleep is impaired.

Whenever challenges are less in life, we face an opposite condition to that of stress. Our body utilizes less energy and stores more energy. Whenever the storage becomes full, it becomes a burden for the body, and so you start feeling dead.

J. Can a Good Education, Thereafter a Good Employment, Thereafter Marriage, Thereafter Children, Thereafter Good Savings can Lead to a Good Life?

Less work with (more eating and rest) increases the burden.
Excess burden ends life to release unused energy.

More simplified: “Whey you store more than you spend and work, you die fast

Model Statement

Now we have a scientifically developed, scientifically validated simplified model of life. We also know how to distinguish a model from an opinion using large sample-size facts. Let’s now use our theory to create truth.

A good education can not lead to good employment unless and until a good education leads to good employment creation.

Good employment can not lead to a good marriage, because good employment means more energy in the job, and marriage means even more energy into another person, as well as the future child. More energy requirement simply results in higher stress which can not be reduced without mass loss. (So good employment leads to a higher chance of marriage breakup)

Good employment and marriage do not lead to healthy children, Because when both marriage and employment take away most energy, there is no energy left for giving birth to the upbringing of a healthy child.

The universe can not save anything for the future. Therefore the more you save, the more burden you put on life, and the more illness you see. Hence, when you save a lot of money, you would need to spend a lot of money on your illness.

K. Conclusion

Most people suffer miserably in their lives because they falsely believe that the universe runs on their opinion and that the laws of the universe are not applicable to them. Most people do not understand that they are a small dot in the fabric of space-time, that is governed by other principles like Energy, and Gravity that can travel through space-time.

People created pseudo-sciences such as medical science and driven them by false beliefs such as “HBA1C >7 is diabetes because average population HBA1C is 5.5” without ever evaluating such beliefs through space, time, energy, gravity, mass, and such phenomenon.

People created false narratives such as “a good education is a passport to good life,” without any science behind them. Governments, which are nothing but representatives of the same opinionated people transform opinions into policies because governments are not elected by science, but by the votes, which is correlated to their popularity, which is correlated to people’s satisfaction. People are satisfied when their opinion is accepted and validated, irrespective of the outcome.

Education provides you with several general, average, and multidisciplinary observations, as well as teaches you all the basic theories of science that you need to build and validate models and theories in life.

For example, what is true is that literacy increases life expectancy, as India’s life expectancy has gone up from 32 years to 70 years since independence, within the same time the literacy rate has also gone higher. So, learning to read and write can improve your life, but that can not be said for “education” as a whole. This can also be explained by our model that the less you understand the world, the more energy the brain has to spend to deal with every situation in life. This will increase your energy burning rate beyond your metabolic rate and will result in loss of mass, which will eventually kill you.

When you are less scientifically rational, and more driven by opinions and false beliefs, you will always feel more tired and energyless

Choices are always yours, and so are the consequences.

Passionate, Accountable Student for Life

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