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Difference Between Consciousness of Morality and Opinionated Hypocrisy Through The Bloomer Controversy of Dr. Rosalie Ladova in 1913

Women scolding and screaming on a child and the other women are supporting.

A. What is Morality?

The law of morality is that “Every being(humans, and other living beings), has the equal right to live its full potential of life.”

Examples of Morality

  1. Mother and a Child: When a child is born, it is completely dependent on its mother. The child hasn’t yet learned to speak and communicate their inner feelings and physiology to others. So the child relies on the mother to understand the child’s hunger, the child’s inner feelings, and so on. If the mother is absent physically or emotionally, the child gets mentally and emotionally confused and impaired. This impairment lasts for the entire lifetime. The child becomes anxious and often lives a much shorter life than expected maximum human life of 100 years. Thus, not paying 24×7 attention to the child by the mother is immoral, and paying complete attention to the child is moral.
  2. Abortion: When a woman is pregnant, there is a baby, which has a fully developed heart after 21 days and is, therefore, a living being with awareness, feelings, and consciousness. This baby is to live for 100 years of its potential life. When the mother decides to abort the baby, the mother takes away the fundamental right of the baby to live its full potential of life. And therefore abortion is immoral.
  3. (Bible)Exodus of the Israelites by Pharao and leading them by Moses: Israelites literally built ancient Egypt from 4000 BCE to 1600 BCE. They were the primary construction workers, peasants, and animal farmers, and ran the Egyptian economy. When the Israelites started dominating the Egyptian population, the Pharao decided to send them out of the kingdom between 1600 BCE to 1400 BCE. After losing the land, livelihood, and animals, there was a risk of mass extinction of the Israelite race. Thus Pharao was immoral. Moses then led the entire race, and wandered for 40 years, trying to take the race to a promised free land. Moses was trying to help the race survive and live its full potential life, and so, Moses was moral.
  4. (Mahabharata) Yudhisthir staking wife Draupadi in Gambling(Shatranj): After losing his kingdom, wealth, and freedom, Pandava’s elder brother Yudhisthir, who is considered the king of morality staked Draupadi, the wife of all the five Pandavas in gambling game. If he lost Draupadi in the gamble, she might be humiliated. Even if she lived her whole life, she would have to live with shame and disrespect, for the rest of her life, curtailing her ability to experience positive emotions. Therefore staking the dignity of a woman for gambling is immoral. Yudhisthir finally lost the bet and Draupadi was dragged to the court of the blind king Dhritarashtra pulled by her hair by Kaurava prince Dushashana.
    Dushashana then started stripping Draupadi in the king’s court, in front of men who were the icons of wisdom, war, and ruling including Bhishma, Dronacharya, Kripacharya, Karna.
    Even though Draupadi had five husbands, arguably the mightiest warriors of that time, no one could come forward to protect her dignity. Lord Krishna then protected her dignity by blessing her with an extended Sari, which Dushasana got tired of pulling in his quest to strip Draupadi. Dushasana and all the men who witnessed this event of an attempt to violate the dignity of a woman were immoral. Even though lord Krishna was intimately prayed by Draupadi, and Krishna was standing for the dignity of married women, lord Krishna was moral.
  5. Agriculture: Every year millions of snakes, rats, and small insects like sloths, are massacred in order to prepare the ground for farming. When the harvest is ready, pesticides are spread over the crop. Many birds get killed and seriously ill when they sit over the crop or try to feed on it. Billions of Bees are massacred every year for Avocado farming. Even though agricultural products are considered “Vegan food”, in reality, to produce that food, several species are led to mass extinction, completely off-balancing the ecology of the place, and putting the place at risk of ecological disasters like floods and drought. These species are selected by the nature. Their extinction violates the law of morality. Thus even though the farmers are trying to maximize the harvest and crop production to feed a large population, they are performing the immoral task of threatening the extinction of the species selected by nature, just like the Pharao put isrealites to existential threat. Hence mass-farming and using harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers, to farm Avocados is immoral.

B. Universal Law of Consciousness

Consciousness is the awareness of morality.

Consciousness is the law of the universe. It is the law of equilibrium by means of which the universe tries to balance the existence of the stars, planets, earth, and life itself. The laws of physics governing the universe are the same within Earth, our body, ecology, and every other place.

Life existed 500 million years back from our evolutionary beginning and would continue to exist long after the human race is gone. The universe will prepare other planets for harvesting life. It is already proven that even viruses and bacteria have consciousness. For instance, when a bacterial colony is increased in its host human, half of the colony remains dormant and doesn’t reproduce so as to keep the population under check in order to not kill the host. Saars viruses live in the body of bats, and bats do not get killed by the viruses. The Toxo virus primarily lives inside cats, and yet cats do not lose their health due to Toxo.

Therefore, even viruses, which modern science has termed as the villains of humanity have a consciousness and follow the law of morality.

C. Why people are often confused about morality?

The law of consciousness and morality are violated by the law of power and control

The most important question is, if even tiny single-cell organisms like bacteria, and dead viruses have consciousness in them, why do humans lose the sense of consciousness, and thereby morality?

The answer to this question is very simple. Consciousness is so embedded into the very fabric of the universe, and life, that every being, even a dead body follows consciousness. Therefore the only ruler of life, and the only one that determines the fate of a being is the universal law of consciousness. Nothing other than blackholes violates the law of physics, and therefore law of physics can be considered a governing law for consciousness.

When there are already universal laws of governance, any other law would be too constricted-dimensional, and unnecessary. And if the beings are left alone for the universe to manage and drive, then the human population can not be controlled. There won’t be rulers to control and rule over the masses.

For anyone to perceive themselves to be above the universal law of consciousness and governing Physics law, one has to enforce their own laws and gaslight the masses to believe that they are under the supervision of this human-made law, rather than the law of the universe. Therefore it is super important for tyrant rulers, such as corporations, governments, and administrations to gaslight the masses and train them to believe that there exists no law of consciousness. In that way, they can take away the awareness of morality from the masses.

Once the masses lose awareness about morality, new norms, laws, and theories can be floated in the name of morality.

Morality has not been defined and taught to the masses. That is because once people come to know how simple morality is to understand, then you can not control the population with weird opinionated laws and systems in the name of enforcing morality.

Parents enforce their version of morality on the kids to control them. Then schools enforce their version of morality onto the children to exercise their control of power. Once someone loses consciousness, one loses the sense of the universe, and then lives life either in the misery of control under some authority or tries hard to become “powerful” and control others.

D. The Punishment Law of Immorality and Lost Consciousness

A law by definition is the one, when is not followed, results in a punishment. Because Consciousness is the law of the universe, any being that doesn’t follow the law of the universe is punished by the universe.

The punishment law of unconsciousness and immorality is that the immoral invariably suffer and fail to live their own full potential of life.

In the Mahabharata example, Dushashana and all the other warriors and dignitaries in the court of Dhritarastra suffered death. Dhritarshtra, the blind king who failed to ensure the dignity of a woman suffered the loss of his 100 sons. Dushasana was torn apart in the war.

Egypt was struck by floods, and plague epidemics for centuries after the Israelites were exodus from the kingdom.

Mothers who do not pay full attention to their newborn dependent child invariably suffer from anxiety and depression disorder once they enter the perimenopause age, as their children fail to connect to her emotionally and provide them the emotion necessary at that stage.

Women who abort children invariably suffer gut dysbiosis and autoimmunity. This is because the fetus donates stem cells to the mother from the first week itself, to try to protect the mother. Once the fetus is removed from the body, the body sees the new cells created out of the donated fetus microchimeric stem cells of the fetus as foreign bodies and attacks its own cells. Thus aborting women suffer insomnia, anemia, and other illnesses.

E. Law of Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is enforcing or opinionating a pseudo-morality on people with the purpose of exercising control over them to falsely experience a sense of power.

Case Study of Hypocracy Through The Bloomer Controversy of Dr. Rosalie Ladova

Bloomer Controversy of Dr. Rosalie Ladova. 1913 Paper cutting of Dr. Ladova in Bloomer dress in the beach.

On a July hot summer day in 1913, Dr. Rosalie M. Ladova went to the Chicago beach wearing her bloomer(knee-high loose knickers) and was arrested for disorderly conduct. That is because women were required to wear skirts and cover their legs with stockings for going to the beach or bath. It was considered immoral for the females to show their legs while bathing in public.

Police arrested Dr. Ladova at the beach at Jackson Park on Lake Michigan and charged her with obscenity. After seeing the newspaper photographs the next day of Dr. Cordova’s blouse and bloomers swimwear, Chicago Mayor Carter Harrison Jr. declared that “No woman should think of wearing that kind of costume” at a beach, and directed the city police to “gently but firmly insist upon the lady putting on proper costumes”.

Here Carter Harison was a hypocrite as the suggested pseudo-morality was merely the opinions of the Chicago administration back then. This is because whether in knickers, in a bikini, or even naked, how women bathed on a beach did not threaten anyone’s full potential life.

Even though opinions are personal choices, however hypocritical they are, the very unawareness of morality punishes hypocrites too. Carter failed in his mayoral election in 1915. Even though he was 5 times mayor of Chicago and was from Nobility, he failed to get a democratic nomination for the US presidency.

Any hypocrisy finally collapses, as nothing can challenge the universe’s law of morality. Chicago had women bathing in swimsuits and Bikins eight years after the incidents.

F. Conclusion

Once you become conscious and aware of the law of morality, and accept that you are merely an irrelevant part of the universe, and are powerless irrespective of how powerful you feel, you do not need any external laws, any opinions, and any narratives to drive your life.

The human body has 7x 1027 atoms, whereas the total estimated atoms in the universe are 1080 .

So any human is just 1/1053 th part of the universe. Become aware of your insignificance, regain your consciousness, and judge your own actions and life from the prism of morality, which is extremely simple to do. If you become hypocritical and opinionated to try to justify your life and actions which are immoral, then you will be punished by the universe for both your hypocrisy in losing your power, and then for immorality, by suffering immeasurably in life.

Either become immortals like Moses, and Lord Krishna, and get embedded into the singularity fabric of the consciousness of the universe, or suffer the frustration of Carter and the devastation of Kauravas for the immorality.

Choices are yours, so are the consequences.

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