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After Auscultation, and Electrophysiology, We Gifted Modern Medicine "Opto-Physiology"

Keep Your Fingertip on the rare Mobile Camera and Get Your Complete Mind-Body Health Test Done in 3 Minutes

Lyfas Opto-Physiology

Get Complete Snapshot of Psycho-Physiology and Physio-Pathology in Just Three Minutes

We Turn Your Android Mobile Into A Medical Device, That Doesn’t Need Any Additional Hardware. Your Smartphone becomes a doctor’s Remote Stethoscope, but much powerful than a Stethoscope.

You Get The Best Opto-Physiology Report Only in Three Minutes.

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But, What Can You Learn From A Lyfas Report?

But, Can So Many Things Be Given By a Three Minute's Test? Ah! You Must Be Lying!

Lyfas Core Acculi Logo Digital Healthcare Technology Backend
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Lyfas Core is An Integrated Technology Layer That Offers You Following Services

Lyfas Core Modules

The best services we provide for our clients include our integrity to work for them and the dedication we show towards our individual projects.

Lyfas AI & ML

Lyfas AI&ML adopts Regression, Reinforcement Learning, Clustering, Classification and runs them through a Deep Convolution Neural Network to Offer You the Best Correlation of Symptoms with Physiology, History, Pathology, Psychology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Radiology.

Lyfas Biomarkers

Lyfas Biomarkers

Lyfas Provides 101 Digital Biomarkers From The Lyfas Opto-Physiology Mobile Application. Vitals from Other Devices Like BP, Spo2 are Available as Raw Secured Data.

Lyfas Health Cloud That Stores Your Electronic Health Record Securely

Lyfas Health Cloud

Indigenously Designed Electronic Health Record Management System That Minimizes Cloud Cost to Minimum, yet Offering 7-Layer Super Secured Health Cloud to Store Your Health Records. 

Lyfas Analytics Services

Lyfas Analytics

Lyfas Analytics performs statistical analysis on the timestamped Biomarkers and provides a visual representation of your health trend. 

Lyfas Questionnaire Based Instruments

Lyfas Questionnaire Instruments

Clinically Validated Simple Questionnaire Based online instruments, where you can answer some simple questions and can do comprehensive mental health, and overall health assessment, absolutely free.

Why Lyfas? How Lyfas Works? When to Use Lyfas? Lyfas Validity and Science

Know More About Us

Why does your doctor prescribe a Homeostasis Test?

Everything in the body, from energy to water, from pressure to sugar, is managed through a mind-body interplay. This interplay also tries to manage when you have a pathological condition like Hypertension or Diabetes. Without knowing the interplay and how homeostasis is changing in your body, it is extremely hard for the doctor to diagnose your underneath condition effectively, and also to discover the root cause. Without a homeostasis test, your body’s response to the medicine and clinical management can not be measured. Hence homeostasis test is one of the most important tests, needed for proper diagnosis, root cause analysis, and prognosis purposes.

Homeostasis and Its Importance

Your Mind-Body tries to balance the electrochemical system in you to keep you healthy and alive. Temperature, Fluid, Minerals, Blood-Pressure,  Sugar, Energy, everything is managed and balanced by the mind and body through an effective feedback-based control mechanism.

For example, you do not have access to food and your body needs energy, it can break down the stored fat to generate energy. When you are attacked by pathogens, it increases your body temperature to make it difficult for the pathogens to reproduce and spread. When you intake more sugar, more insulin is produced to metabolize it.

When you go to cold weather, your body drops blood pH and increases the internal temperature.

However, due to Aging, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Sleep Deficiency, improper food, Negative Emotions, Overthinking, overwork, and many such factors, the body often times has to work much harder and get less rest. That is when the Homeostasis is affected and the body and mind together can not compensate for the condition.

After a long time, this loss of homeostasis becomes a cascading effect and result in pathological disease conditions.

Lyfas helps you and your clinician detect this entire psychophysiological homeostasis management of your body so that you get to know the root of the disease. You not only manage the disease with medicine but also eliminate the root cause and heal.

I do regular blood tests, then why do I require Lyfas?

A pathology test like ECG, blood tests, ultrasound gives only the pathology of the body, or the structural state of the body, whereas a Homeostasis test provides the functional state of the body.

A blood test is like an Exam result. A good result doesn’t mean good knowledge, and the same way poor result doesn’t mean bad knowledge. Same way, good attendance in the class doesn’t mean that the student is attentive. The teacher has to monitor the behavior and participation of the student.

In the same way, a doctor can not make any conclusion about how your body is responding to the disease and the illness, why the illness progressed into a disease, whether the medicines are working, whether your lifestyle is helping the body etc. Therefore, just the pathology is only one side of your health story. Hence all the good doctors advise you a homeostasis test. 

Experience the most extra-ordinary human-centric medical experience you ever had

We spend hours listening to you, your story, your pain, your life, your childhood, your dreams, your family, your work, and incorporate the learning into diagnosis

We know that everyone wants to talk, but no one wants to listen. Even when people listen to you, they just wait for their turn to give judgment and advice to you. We value you and your life. Therefore we listen to you, for hours and days. Your digital health assistant listens to your story and documents your life’s chronology. Our AI engine not only analyzes biomarkers from your Lyfas tests but also gathers insights from your life to present the most comprehensive, detailed, and accurate medical report of yours.

Your digital health assistant follows up with you regularly and helps you through your journey of not only managing your disease but also the healing process.


The Science Behind Lyfas

Lyfas works on the principles of Photo-plethysmography, Photo-chromatography, Arterial Plethymography, Left-Right Cardiovascular Coherence,  Orthostatic Homeostasis. It captures the optical changes in your finger capillary bypassing the mobile flashlight through your body’s vascular network.

From this signal, it extracts Pulse Rate Variability: a marker for your Autonomic Nervous SystemArterial Stiffness: a marker for your Vascular healthLR-CV Coherence: a marker for your left and right side’s balance, Orthostatic Homeostasis:  A marker for your body’s homeostasis between sitting and standing posture, Biological Age: A marker for your disease and treatment prognosis, Photo-Chromatography Spectrum:  A marker for your body’s functional blood biochemistry, Hemodynamic: Your blood’s physical properties.

 These vitals are also called digital biomarkers. Lyfas extracts 101 such clinically proven digital biomarkers. Then it gives a snapshot of your MIND-ORGAN-BODY-ILLNESS-LIFESTYLE-EMOTIONS called MOBILE Homeostasis.


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