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Schools: The Death of Knowledge and The Seed of Slavery

A man with stripe cap is holding a huge heavy Iron ball attached to his feet, signifying slavery. The man is coming out of a school. Many children are looking at the school.

A. History of Schools

1. Books and learning date back to 3000 BCE in ancient summer, when the priest and priestess were schooled.
2. Schooling changed forever in 1700 BCE when Hammurabi built Babylon on Babel and established the first university.
3. The Babylonean education system spread to other parts such as ancient Lebanon, and Syria(where the first law school was opened in 500 AD).
4. Egyptian Pharao Ramses II in the year 1300 BCE established the first formal schooling system for the Egyptian general population. He also enrolled girls, and for the first time girls and boys were educated.
5. Schooling changed forever when in 387 BCE Plato, the disciple of Socrates who documented his master’s oral philosophy established the first modern school called “Academy.”
6. Academy was a place to exchange ideas and thoughts with bright minds who wanted to dedicate their lives to thinking. Needless to say, the Greek academy was only for the boys.
7. Spartans took schooling to the next level with Campus based facilities that imparted both Physical, as well as intellectual schools to its children(read boys).
8. Platonian school was the schooling model that got spread to the other parts of the world, till its last pioneer Hypatia in Egypt(yea, the female Mathematics genius in 415 AD) was mobbed and killed by the Christians to start the dark age.
9. In 15th Century Florance, the Platonic School was revived again, when the Greek texts and scholars migrated there by Brunelleschi under the backing of the Medici family(the first modern bankers).
10. The King’s School, Rochester in 604 AD had the first modern school where children were educated(read: trained in Christianity).
11. Much before that, in 79 BCE, Romans opened schools for the children of the Slaves to provide them with a “better future” and an opportunity to participate in public service exams after the second slave revolution.
12. Imperialists used schooling based on Roman findings that “schooled slaves commit less crime and are more agreeable.”
13. America combined the Roman+Missionary model in 1908 by Ford and Rockefeller.

B. Philosophy of Different Schools

Spartan: Strong Mind and Body.
Egyptian: More Knowledgeable Population.
Greek: Build Intellectual Capital
Babylonian: Achieve Technological Advancement and Excellence.
Missionary: Spread Christianity.
Imperialist: Less criminal and revolting slaves.
Roman: Aspire even the general population to become slaves.
American: Make slaves feel like Gentlemen.

C. American Imperialist Slave Training Academy Under Egyptian Population Disguise

“If you study in a good school(read parent’s blood-sucking corporations) you will get a good job.” Read and vomit, so that when you grow up you don’t question your masters.
Romans made slave teachers to slave children; all along Galelio taught the Medici Children, and intellects taught the Tagores.
The good thing is masters no more have to spend money!

D. Are Schools Only for High-Paying Jobs in the Modern Times?

Not only in modern times, in all ages. For instance, when Romans invited Germanic tribes to Rome, they sent their children to get educated in Rome. The children got good jobs in Roman ranks.
Arminius who slaughtered Romans in the Tuteberg forest was also employed with Rome. And when he was killed, his own brother was in the Roman army.

India remained a slave because Raybahadurs were well-educated. Greek, who has given us the structure to think and philosophy remained a slave of Rome and then by Ottman because they found reading Latin and getting a regular salary from the Romans were better than keeping the land pure.

Once parents understand that everyone is born with a purpose, for a role, with some genes, and help children identify them, then born the Mozarts, Peles, Lata Mangeshkar, Da Vinci.

Life teaches. Genes train. Ancestry gives root. Purpose gives drive. Reading gives the ability to structure learning, and writing gives the ability to model the structures.

Schools provide safety to corporations because these children won’t grow up to disrupt them. No corporation pays a salary. They buy out the dreams and purpose of life.

Yes, schools are needed indeed because otherwise, dreams will be costly.

E. Reader’s Comment

Any learning and exposure which doesn’t open up the observational, independent thinking and knowledge interconnecting capabilities of the mind, such systems (read as schools, institutions) are dead and factory for producing dead brains.
Best teaching and learning is through deep observation and attention primarily to the mind and body of the own (in fact mind and body are deeply interconnected and packed one within another) and then everything surrounding (from living beings to nonliving).

Praveen Mane

While tracing history, the purpose is to know the thought process of society as a whole. The shortcomings we observe today are to correct them and infuse with better ideas for better times ahead. Unfortunately, today’s education system has lost its purpose and direction. We are yet to break the rigid and outdated format of transaction of the curriculum in the primary secondary and senior secondary school system. Independent and collaborative learning or the joy of discovering of the concepts are hardly encouraged by the teacher (s). Mad race to reach the top is of paramount importance at the cost of meaningful learning.

Vijayachandra NC

F. Conclusion

Interestingly enough, the very Greek word “School” that the so-called schools, or rather Slave training centers have adopted with fancy names like International Schools, etc has no resemblance to the schools of today.
The modus Operandi is
a) to Create a facade of education and knowledge,
b) to squeeze parents’ blood so that whatever they earn after working for 16 hours a day, sacrificing their youth goes back to the capitalists. In the process, they get future slaves.

Schools were meant to be a place of exchange of intellectualism, where the greatest minds of the times assembled to impart thinking ability to the greatest potential minds of that place.

Today, schools are places where some of the intellectually bankrupt individuals under the self-proclaimed presumptions of being a teacher corrupt the young minds to make them intellectually bankrupt. A factory of brain dead.

The only place that teaches anything is life. By taking children away from life for their brain-development years, the modern academies create the perfect platform for generations who know nothing about life(as well as books, because it’s all about vomit and facade).

Take your child out of the STA for a year, spend time, teach life and see their growth.

Passionate, Accountable Student for Life

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